Grand Valley has international students from over 65 countries. Students from different cultural backgrounds enhance the student body.

International students have found using the Counseling and Career Development Center services very beneficial. Many international students have reported to us that in their own country they do not have such services or there would be a stigma attached if they used them.

International students impact the university by giving the American students and staff an opportunity to interact with people other than those from their same country. The Counseling Center offers groups that explore cultural differences, alienation, multiracial adoption, and reentry issues.

We have a diverse professional and clerical staff. Many staff have lived, studied or traveled abroad. The Counseling Center has an in-house diversity team that monitors diversity policies and strategies, which include international issues. Doctoral interns are trained in international counseling issues and frequently are from another country.


Campus/Other Resources

BH Padnos International Center
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Van Andel Global Trade Center
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International Relations / Political Science
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