Assessment Tools & Resources

The following tools and resources may be helpful for effective impact measurement and evaluation of community-based projects and programs

Internal Resources

An interdisciplinary group of faculty and staff is developing a standard set of tools and strategies for evaluating the impacts of community engagement on Grand Valley students, faculty, and staff; on the institution as a whole; and on our communities. To employ these tools, please contact Ruth Stegeman at


External Resources

Association of American Colleges and Universities
Civic Engagement Value Rubric
This rubric is designed to assess student learning outcomes related to civic engagement at the institutional level.

Campus Compact
Assessing Service-Learning and Civic Engagement: Principles and Techniques (2001)
This book serves as an assessment tool to measure the impacts of service-learning and civic engagement on students, faculty, institutions, and communities.

Portland State University
Creating Community-Engaged Departments: Self-Assessment Rubric for the Institutionalization of Community Engagement in Academic Departments
Kevin Kecskes (2008) This self-assessment rubric allows faculty and/or staff members to evaluate the capacity for community engagement within academic departments, as well as potential engagement opportunities.

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