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Eligibility & Apply to Graduate

To be eligible to participate in the ceremony the following criteria MUST be met by candidates:

Bachelor's Degree

**create a form/embed pdf of form**

Doctorate/Master's Degree

  • At least a 3.0 GPA
  • Cumulative hours earned and fall semester enrollment must equal the requisite hours for the master's degree earned.
  • Complete a Graduation Application online. 

For questions, contact the Student Assistance Center (Registrar's Office), 150 Student Services Building, 616-331-3327.

Difference Between Graduation and Commencement


Though we accept graduation applications up through the end of the semester, it is recommended that students submit their application during the semester prior to the one in which their requirements will be complete in order for an audit of your degree requirements to take place in a timely manner.

Please submit your graduation application to the Registrar’s Office via myBanner. Select Student, Student Records, and Apply to Graduate. When selecting the term of graduation, students should select the semester in which their degree requirements will be complete.


Students must apply for graduation to be invited to the commencement ceremony. If you intend to have your name printed in the commencement program, students should submit their applications prior to October 21, 2016 for the December 2016 commencement ceremony, and prior to March 10, 2017 for the April 2017 ceremony.

Students completing their degree requirements in the Spring/Summer 2017 semester and who apply for graduation prior to the last week of the Winter 2017 semester are automatically invited to April’s ceremony. Those Spring/Summer 2017 graduates who apply after this point will be invited to December’s ceremony. If you would like to attend a ceremony other than the one you will automatically be invited to attend, please contact the Records Office at 616-331-3327 or