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Undergraduate Social Foundations of Education Program


Social Foundations of Education is a program of thematic courses in the COE that examines the historical and theoretical contexts of education; the social and ethical implications of educational policy and practice; and the impact of local, national and global issues upon teaching and learning. Grounded in the belief that schools function as social and political entities, the thematic series of Social Foundations of Education courses offers students an interdisciplinary approach to examining the complex relationship between education in the broad sense, schooling as an institution, and society. Emphasis is placed on bridging theory, research and practice.

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Early in their university experience, students interested in exploring a career in education have an opportunity to take a 2-credit course, EDF 100 - Teaching and Learning in a Diverse Environment. This course is designed to acquaint them with teaching and the culture of schools through a 25-hour field experience. For those students interested in eventually applying to the College of Education, EDF 315 - Diverse Perspectives on Education is one of 3 prerequisite courses for admissions. Additionally, EDF 315 fulfills the university’s General Education US Diversity requirement for both those interested in becoming educators or those students simply interested in acquiring a greater understanding of the significance of schools in our society.

As part of their required coursework after admission to the College of Education, students must also enroll in Social Foundations courses EDF 310 - Organizing and Managing Classroom Environments and EDF 485 - The Context of Educational Issues.

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