College of Education - Undergraduate

New Undergraduate Professional Education Changes

Exciting changes are coming to the Teacher Education professional program that will ensure Grand Valley’s reputation for preparing outstanding teachers. Here is the basic information that you will need in order to understand the changes and make decisions . . .

  • The changes pertain to you if you will begin Teacher Assisting after Fall ’09.
  • The choice will be yours whether to enter the new program or the current one.
  • Some students will choose to stay with the current program. Many will enter the new program to take advantage of the improvements.
  • Whatever choice you make will be right—it depends on your situation and your goals.

Two items that should help you make your choice:

The first thing to do is study the two programs and make sure you understand your choices. If you have questions after that, be sure to check with your advisor or advising centers in CLAS or the COE. You don’t have to make a decision immediately, but two of the new courses will begin in Winter, and you could register for them any time after mid-March, 2009.

We are excited about the new program and want to answer any questions you have. Please call or visit any of the resources listed in the attachments. We send our very best wishes to you as you continue toward your goal of becoming a professional educator.

Sincerely yours,

College of Education Faculty and Staff

P.S. Other changes and options may apply to students seeking special education endorsements. Please keep in touch with your advisors and watch for future information based on changes in state guidelines.

Page last modified November 4, 2010