Study Abroad Opportunities

COST - Consortium of Overseas Student Teachers


WHAT: Consortium of Overseas Student Teachers
WHO: 15 universities across the continental U.S.
WHERE: Universities in 16 countries world-wide


  • January 15 for students scheduled to student teach the fall semester of that same calendar year
  • July 1 for students scheduled to student teach the winter semester of the following calendar year


  • $150 processing fee at time of application submission
  • $900 supervision and placement fee due upon departure
  • GVSU tuition for semester (as usual)
  • Transportation
  • Room and board varies depending upon student preference, availability, and rate of monetary exchange - ($75 to 200 per week)

Student Requirements:

  • Admission into College of Education
  • GPA 3.0
  • Sufficient health and qualified health insurance
  • Registration with GVSU as study abroad student
  • Passport
  • FBI clearance
  • Applicable visa
  • Sense of adventure

Miscellaneous Facts:

  • Students complete 7-9 weeks of student teaching in a traditional setting placed by GVSU prior to departure
  • Student complete an additional 7-9 weeks overseas placement depending upon school calendar
  • All receiving sites use English as first language
  • Supervising teacher and GVSU coordinator are notified of students pending application prior to placement
  • Student requirements such as unit plans and class supervision are accelerated and met before departure
  • All students are supervised in accordance to GVSU standards by cooperating teachers and university personnel at receiving sites


Additional Study Abroad Opportunities

Cape Town, South Africa Teacher Assisting

  • COE faculty and South Africa’s Stellenbosch School of Education faculty collaborate in a six-week teacher assisting experience for teacher candidates
  • COE students participate in service learning two afternoons a week in a poverty-level township school

Puebla, Mexico Graduate Service and Learning Project

  • COE faculty partner with Mexico’s Universidad de las Americas faculty
  • COE graduate students confront Mexico’s cultural, social, political and economic issues prior to completing a service learning project