Graduate Elementary

Upon completion of the Graduate Teacher Certification (GTC) program, students may continue coursework toward the master's degree in elementary or another approved master's degree program. Interested students should contact College of Education Student Information and Services Center at (616-331-6650) to meet with an advisor.

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The Graduate Teacher Certification Program leads to a M.Ed. in Elementary Education. Upon completion of the GTC program, students may take additional coursework to obtain the master's degree.

Social Foundation Courses. Select One (3 credits):
EDF 671 Educational Policy and Practice
EDF 672 Social and Cultural Foundations of Education

Core Courses (9 credits):
EDI 639 Curriculum Development
EDI 637 Assessment: K-12 Models and Practices
EDI 638 Facilitating School Environments

Supplemental Area Courses:
EDS 652 Foundations of Special Education
EDI 635 Development and Needs of Students
EDI 630 Teaching Mathematics: K-8
EDI 631 Teaching Science: K-8
EDI 632 Teaching Creative and Performing Arts
EDI 633 Teaching Social Studies and Diversity
EDI 685 Elementary Education
EDR 622 Developmental Literacy for Children
EDR 627 Literacy Strategies for Content Areas
EDI 685 Elementary Education

Research Foundation Course (Prerequisite to ED 693/695) (3 credits):
EDF 660 Educational Inquiry and Evaluation

Capstone (Application form required. Apply in advance. Advisor approval required)(3 credits)(Select One):
ED 693 Master's Project
ED 695 Master's Thesis

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