Master of Education in Special Education with an Emphasis in Learning Disabilities

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The learning disabilities program prepares teachers for the realities of today's classrooms. In the comprehensive program, candidates learn evidence-based practices: for developing students with disabilities language, math, and social skills; for including these students in the general education curriculum; and for transitioning them from school to life. Moreover, candidates apply this knowledge by working directly with students with disabilities in both clinical and school settings.

The M.Ed. degree in Special Education emphasis in Learning Disabilities requires 33 credit hours.

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Research Foundations Coursework

  • EDF 660 Educational Inquiry and Evaluation (Take early)

Social Foundations Coursework (Take one)

  • EDF 671 Educational Policy and Practice (Take early)
  • EDF 672 Social/Cultural Foundations of Education (Take early)

Special Education Coursework - Required for LD candidates who DO NOT hold a special education endorsement.

  • EDS 652 Foundations of Special Education (Take first)

Elective Coursework - Required for LD candidates who DO hold a special education endorsement.

  • Elective (Take anytime with advisor approval)

Learning Disabilities Coursework

  • EDS 625 Inclusive Practices (Take anytime)
  • EDS 627 Instructional Practices: Technology (Take anytime)
  • EDS 629 Transition Practices (Take anytime)
  • EDS 636 Diagnostic and Interpretative Procedures (Take before EDS 637)
  • EDS 637 Explicit Language Instruction (Take before EDS 638)
  • EDS 638 Instructional Practices: Learning Disabilities 2 (Take before EDS 640)
  • EDS 640 Diagnostic-Teaching Clinic

Capstone Coursework - Prerequisites are the completion of 27 credit hours including EDF 660. (Application Required*) (Take one)

  • ED 693 Master's Project
  • ED 695 Master's Thesis

*Application deadlines (Practicum/Thesis/Project): February 15 for spring/summer, May 15 for fall, September 15 for winter semester. Application form required. Apply in advance. Advisor approval required.

Students seeking only the Learning Disabilities Endorsement (K-12). Click here for requirements.

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