Undergraduate Elementary Education Major

Elementary Majors and Minor

Candidates who earn an elementary certificate teach:

  • All subjects, grades K-5
  • Major subject areas, grades 6-8
  • All subjects, grades K-8 in a self-contained classroom

Academic Majors

Academic majors for certification are offered in various fields of study. Candidates select from:

Once a major has been selected, more information can be found under the specific Academic Program. In addition, the elementary teaching program requires all candidates to complete the Elementary Teaching minor.

Steps to declaring elementary education majors and minor

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In addition to a teachable major, candidates must complete the elementary minor and education major/professional sequence requirements. Please see your advisor before selecting your elementary minor courses. New improved courses started fall 2009. These courses will help students transition into the new elementary minor program.

Elementary Teaching Minor

For elementary education candidates starting the new elementary minor program, elementary certification requirements are listed below:

A. English:

  • ENG 308 - Teaching Reading: The Necessary Skills - Credits: 4

B. Mathematics:

  • MTH 221 - Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I - Credits: 4 AND MTH 222 - Mathematics for Elementary Teachers II - Credits 3


  • MTH 223 - Mathematics for Elementary Teachers III - Credits: 5

Elementary candidates must take each of the following courses, except the course listed in their chosen content major area:

C. Fine Arts:

  • MAT 300 - Music, Art, and Theatre for Elementary Education - Credits: 3

D. Language Arts:

  • ENG 302 - Introduction to Language Arts: Teaching Writing and Children's Literature - Credits: 3

E. Science:

  • SCI 225 - Integrated Life Science for K-8 Teachers - Credits: 4
  • SCI 226 - Integrated Physical Science for K-8 Teachers - Credits: 3

F. Physical Education/Health:

  • PED 265 - Teaching Health in Elementary Schools - Credits: 2
  • PED 266 - Move-Dance-Learn! PE and Dance for Elementary Ed - Credits: 2

G. Social Studies:

  • SST 309 - Social Studies for Elementary Teachers - Credits: 3

Elementary Teacher Major Requirements

Candidates must complete the following 39 credit education major. At least one field semester must be done in a multicultural setting.

Flex Course 1 - This course is taken before OR after admission to the College of Education. It must be completed before Student Teaching. Must be grade B- or higher. Candidates Take:

Prerequisites required prior to admission to undergraduate teacher education:

Flex Course 2 - This course is taken after admission to the College of Education. It must be completed before Student Teaching. Must be grade of B- or higher.

Teacher Assisting:

  • EDF 310 Organizing and Managing Classroom Environments - Credits 3
  • EDR 320 Reading: Assessment and Instruction - Credits 3
  • EDI 330 Teacher Assisting: Elementary - Credits 5

Student Teaching Semester:

  • EDI 430 Student Teaching: Elementary - Credits 10
  • EDF 485 The Context of Educational Issues - Credits 3 (may be taken after EDI 430 but before certification)

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