Options for Professional Certification

Depending on your situation, the options below can be designed in a planned program to satisfy credit hour options for professional certificate and/or renewal.

Option 1. Master's Degree

Earning a master's degree from an approved teacher education institution, with quality graduate education programs, will enhance teacher skills at various levels. It is recommended you meet with an appropriate College of Education advisor to select a planned program that meets your needs.

Option 2. Additional Major or Minor

The applicant may earn additional endorsements consisting of at least 20 hours within the College of Education or with approved subject area majors or minors. Program advisors must approve all additional endorsements. Applicants adding additional subject area endorsements must also pass Michigan Subject Area tests.

Option 3. Additional Certificate Level

This option is available for candidates who wish to become certified at a level other than that of their original certificate. An example: a secondary teach who wants to become elementary certified. Candidates may select from:

a. Early Childhood Endorsement
b. Elementary Endorsement c. Secondary Endorsement Option 4. Professional Development

Candidates selecting credit hours for their professional certificate may select one of the above options in an approved planned program with a College of Education advisor or choose courses in subject matter related to the applicant's teaching grade level and content endorsement.

Reading Requirement

All candidates for provisional or professional certification must show evidence of coursework in reading methods, six credits for elementary, three for secondary. It is recommended that students have their College of Education advisor establish these courses when planning their official program of study if they have not yet met the requirement within their initial teacher preparation program. If a Michigan Provisional Certificate was granted after July 1983 from a Michigan accredited teacher preparation institution, the candidate has fulfilled the reading requirement.

In addition, effective July 1, 2009, an approved course in the diagnosis and remediation of reading disabilities and differentiated instruction, including field experiences, is required before obtaining the Professional Certificate. To view approved reading courses click here.