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New Travel and Expense Forms Information

New Travel & Expense Forms

To assist you with the university upgrade to the Banner administrative computer program we have attached a new release of the travel and expense form. This form will replace all previous forms. This will be the only accepted form processed for travel and expense reimbursement. Previous versions will be returned for completion using the new form.

The new form was created using Excel. There are three different forms you can choose from.

  • Travel and Expense - this would be the standard form. It may be used for all types of expenses. It must be used for reimbursement of trips.
  • Mileage and Meals - use this form if you have either of these two items for reimbursement.
  • Miscellaneous - use this form if you are requesting reimbursement for other expenses that do not naturally fit in travel categories.

1. The top part of the form needs to be completed in full. We are asking for either your social security number or your G number. The G number is your Banner ID number. Eventually this will be the only identification number you should have to use to be identified as a Grand Valley employee. If you attended any Banner training sessions or have requested any travel reimbursements you have been given a G number. This is a number that you should write down for your use in completing these forms. A quick place to find this number is on a reimbursement check or direct deposit notice you have received. It is the number found in the Vendor Number field. If you do not have a G number then include your social security number. Getting one of these numbers is critical to getting the reimbursement check to the correct person.

2. As part of the reimbursement process we will require that all receipts smaller than half a sheet of paper be taped to an 8 ½ x 11 piece of paper in a single layer. No staples will be allowed. You may put as many receipts on the paper as you can without overlapping any of the information or edges of the 8 ½ x 11. You may use both sides of the paper and you may use more than one sheet if necessary. All receipts must be facing in the same direction. Please remember that the easiest and most legible way to use the new forms is to either type directly into the form on the web or you can save them as an Excel file and download them to your personal hard drive. Make sure that all information is readable and not covered by the tape. Please do not use highlighters to identify your reimbursable expense. Circle the appropriate items. Highlighters and tape degrade the ink before we can scan the information. This requirement is being made because we are scanning all of the documents into the university imaging system for record keeping.

3. You do not need to include a second copy of the form or receipts. The check or direct deposit notice will include a description and the invoice number (the date of the form you completed). There will not be a copy returned to you. It would assist you if you kept copies of the form and receipts until you receive your reimbursement check or email notification of deposit.

4. You can sign up for direct deposit of your travel and expense reimbursement by completing the form found at this link. This is a great way to receive your funds quickly.

5. Remember, if you have gone over per diem for meals or are requesting reimbursement for meals with fellow employees, the reimbursement request must have a Vice President's (Executive Officer's) signature.

6. The entire travel procedures can be found using this link.

7. The new forms can be found using this link.

8.  If you received a commitment to help fund your trip from another department a copy of the travel and expense form should be sent to that department. The pledging department will process a budget transfer request that will move the budget dollars to your department. Remember that your travel and expense form is to report the entire cost of a trip.

Page last modified October 15, 2013