Reading Portfolios

Each graduate candidate enrolled in a program in Reading/Language Arts at GVSU must maintain a Reading Portfolio, which is a requirement for graduation. The Portfolio is designed to provide faculty with a window on graduate candidates evolving knowledge, skills, and dispositions, as a means of evaluating the effectiveness of instruction in our program. The Portfolio is also designed to serve candidates as a collection of important pieces of work that are foundational to future learning experiences. Graduate candidates will rely on materials in the Portfolio in their practicum experiences in particular.

Reading Portfolio Format

Candidates will include in the portfolio the following items from each course:

  1. Key course assignments
  2. Learning logs (these may look somewhat different in each class, depending on the objectives of the course and the means of accomplishing them)
  3. End-of-course integrative essays (the final)

All of the materials for the portfolio are generated within the reading/language arts courses as part of the learning experiences of those courses.

Candidates who completed courses before fall 2011 (and may not have all of the above items) should submit the key course assignment(s) and any relevant papers and/or course notes.

The key assignment, learning log, and end-of-course essay from each course should be organized in the reading portfolio in clearly labeled sections as follows:

Section A: Foundational Knowledge
Materials from EDR 621
Section B: Curriculum and Instruction
Materials from EDR 622 and/or 623, 627, 631
Section C: Literate Environment & Diversity
Materials from EDR 624 or 625, 628
Section D: Assessment and Evaluation
Materials from EDR 626
Section E: Professional Learning and Leadership
Materials from EDR 685, 687, 696

Candidates are required to construct their portfolios in electronic format, saving assignments, learning logs, and finals as WORD documents, PDF files, or Images. Candidates will be required to upload all documents into their LiveText portfolio for review.

In LiveText, candidates should share their reading portfolio with COE Reading for review by the Reading/Language Arts faculty upon completion of all of the courses in a section of the portfolio. Submission is continuous.

Because the materials in the portfolio will have already been evaluated by the instructor of the course in which these materials were created, the faculty review committee will not provide additional feedback. Instead the portfolio will be examined for evidence that students are receiving effective instruction throughout the program and that they are creating an important resource for their practicum and professional experiences.

If you have questions, please contact your Reading/Language Arts advisor.