Master of Education in Instruction and Curriculum with an Emphasis in Advanced Content Specialization-Chemistry

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This program is designed for teachers who wish to further develop their knowledge and competencies in their specialized content area and also in teaching at the middle or high school levels.

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Social Foundation Courses - Take one course (3 credits):
ED 671 Educational Policy and Practice
ED 672 Social & Cultural Foundations of Education              

Emphasis Area Courses (9 credits):
ED 630 Curriculum Development
EDG 637 Assessment: K-12 Models and Practices
EDG 638 Facilitating School Environments

Chemistry Concentration Courses (Take in order given)(15 credits):

CHM 610 Graduate Research Seminar
CHM 611 Research for Teachers
CHM 612 Applications of Research in Chemistry
CHM 621 Education Research in Chemistry
CHM 631 Inquiry Curriculum Development
CHM 632 Inquiry Colloquium
CHM 633 Applications of Chemistry Education

Research Foundation Course (Prerequisite to ED 693/695) (3 credits):
ED 660 Educational Inquiry and Evaluation

Capstone (Application form required.  Apply in advance.  Advisor approval required) (3 credits) (Select One):
D 693 Master's Project
ED 695 Master's Thesis

Application deadlines (Thesis/Project):  February 15 for spring/summer, May 15 for fall,
September 15 for winter semester.


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