Graduate Social Foundations of Education Program

Social Foundations of Education is a program of thematic courses in the COE that examines the historical and theoretical contexts of education; the social and ethical implications of educational policy and practice; and the impact of local, national and global issues upon teaching and learning. Grounded in the belief that schools function as social and political entities, the thematic series of Social Foundations of Education courses offer students an interdisciplinary approach to examining the complex relationship between education in the broad sense, schooling as an institution, and society. Emphasis is placed on bridging theory, research and practice.

All candidates for the M.Ed. degree must complete six (6) semester hours in Social Foundations of Education in the following areas: research and evaluation (EDF 660); and social foundations of education (EDF 671 or EDF 672).

Some individual programs require other Social Foundations courses. Additionally, Social Foundations of Education courses are also available to fulfill program electives.

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