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Graduate Studies

  • Application for Graduate Studies
  • Graduate Recommendation Form
    • If you have not yet applied or you have submitted your application online, please visit to access an electronic process to complete graduate letters of recommendation forms.
    • If you have already submitted your application in paper form and are looking for the Graduate Recommendation Form to garner the supporting recommendations, please click here for the form.
  • Graduate Studies Office General Forms Library
  • Timeline chart to finish graduate program.
  • For the 8-year extension form, click here.

College of Education Scholarships

Scholarship Application

College of Education Graduate Practicum (626, 685, 687, 696), Project (693), Thesis (695), Educational Specialist (EDL 770)

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Application deadlines:

  • February 15 for Spring/Summer
  • May 15 for Fall
  • September 15 for Winter

693/695 Data Sheet Form

Educational Specialist

Waiver/Appeal Form

Early Childhood Education Practicum Form(s)

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