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Elizabeth Stolle

Associate Professor

Office Address: 484 C DeVos
Phone: (616) 331-6242


  • Ph.D., Arizona State University, 2007
  • M.Ed., Arizona State University, 2003
  • B.A., University of Michigan, 1998

Scholarly Interests:

  • Literacy and Reading
  • New Literacies (intersection of technology and literacy)
  • Disciplinary Literacies & Interdisciplinary Instruction
  • Adolescent Literacy/Reading
  • Teacher Education
  • Critical Literacy (issues of power in education)

Academic/Professional Activities:

Current Work in K-12 Schools

Currently I’m working with two high school teachers as they implement a disciplinary literacies mindset into their instructional practices. In this, they are uncovering ways they can apprentice students in developing the skills necessary for full engagement in the discipline of English language arts. A sample of this work can be viewed in the attached photo.

Peer Reviewed Publication:

Stolle, E.P. & Frambaugh-Kritzer, C. (2014). Putting professionalism back into teaching: Secondary preservice and in-service teachers engaging in interdisciplinary unit planning. Action in Teacher Education, 36:61–75

Stolle, E.P. (2011). Moving to online literature discussions: Putting a new twist on a practice tried and true. Language Arts Journal of Michigan, 27(1), 20-23.

Frambaugh-Kritzer, C. & Stolle, E.P. (2011). (Re)Conceptualizing content area literacy: Encouraging pre-service and in-service teachers to explore interdisciplinary instruction. 60th Yearbook of the Literacy Research Association, (p. 144-155).

Stolle, E.P. (2011). Collaborating online: Teachers engaging in meaningful talk for the benefit of students. Kentucky English Bulletin, 60(2), 16-20.

Stolle, E.P. (2010). Opening up space for agency: An English teacher, technology, and literacy. Michigan Reading Journal, 42(3), 40-47.

Stolle, E.P. & Fischman, G.E. (2010). Disrupting traditions: Teachers negotiating multiliteracies and technology. In D. R. Cole & D. Pullen (Eds.), Multiliteracies in Motion: Current Theory and Practice (p. 160-172). New York: Routledge.

Stolle, E.P. (2008). Teachers, literacy, and technology: Tensions, complexities, conceptualizations, and practice. 57th Yearbook of the National Reading Conference, (p. 56-69).

King, C.M., Patterson, N.G., & Stolle, E.P. (2008). Portfolio assessment: Making connections, guiding change. English Teaching: Practice and Critique, 7(3), 4-9.

Non-peer Reviewed Publications:

Stolle, E.P. (2010). Keep on keeping on: What can happen through university/school partnerships. Colleagues, V(I), 16-19.

Stolle, E.P. (2007). Secondary content area teachers speak about literacy and technology: Tensions, complexities, conceptualizations, and practices (Doctoral dissertation, Arizona State University, 2007). ProQuest, 3258046.

Marsh, J.Y. & Stolle, E.P. (2006).  Re/constructing identities: A tale of two adolescents. In D.E. Alvermann, K.A. Hinchman, D.W. Moore, S.F. Phelps, & D.R. Waff (Eds.), Reconceptualizing the literacies in adolescents’ lives (2nd ed., pp. 47-63). Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Recent Presentations:

Frambaugh-Kritzer, C. & Stolle, E.P. (2014, December). Secondary preservice and in-service teachers construct disciplinary literacy teacher identities. Paper presentation at the 64th annual meeting of the Literacy Research Association, Marco Island, FL.

Stolle, E.P. & Frambaugh-Kritzer, C. (2014, November). Disciplinary literacies meet interdisciplinary instruction: The story enfolds. Presentation at the 104th annual convention of the National Council of Teachers of English, Washington D.C.

Frambaugh-Kritzer, C. & Stolle, E.P. (2014, August). Our present journey with new literacies: Drawing on the past to impact the future. Paper presentation at the 10th International Conference on Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices, East Sussex, England.

Stolle, E.P. (2014, March). Plugging in together:  Teachers and students exploring international adolescent literature. Presentation at the 58th annual meeting of the Michigan Reading Association, Grand Rapids, MI.

Frambaugh-Kritzer, C. & Stolle, E.P. (2013, December). Two teacher educators transform their content area literacy courses to include a disciplinary literacy focus. Roundtable presentation at the 63rd annual meeting of the Literacy Researcher Association, Dallas, TX.

Awards & Honors

2015 - Center for Scholarly and Creative Excellence Catalyst Grants-in Aid: Disciplinary literacies: Applying university learning in the secondary classroom

2014 - Pew Teaching Circle Grant: Finding a Match between Instruction and Assessment

2011 - Pew Scholar Teacher Grant: Parallel Journeys: Professors and Students Exploring International Children’s and Adolescent Literature Together

2011 - Grand Valley State University, College of Education, Merit Award in Scholarship

2008 - International Reading Association Distinguished Finalist for the Outstanding Dissertation Award

2007 - National Reading Conference Outstanding Student Research Award

Teaching Areas:

  • Reading/Language Arts: Program Coordinator
  • Literacy Studies
  • Content Area Literacy


  • EDR 621: Current Issues and Trends in Literacy
  • EDR 628: Language Arts Curriculum and Materials
  • EDR 623: Developmental Adolescent Literacies
  • EDR 613: Literacy Assessment and Instruction
  • EDR 625: Adolescent Literature
  • ED 693: Master’s Project

Additional Information:

As a literacy teacher educator, I connect my research on teacher identity, disciplinary literacies/content area literacy, new literacies, adolescent literacy, and interdisciplinary instruction with student learning and teacher education. As a former 8th grade English Language Arts teacher in Illinois and a reading consultant in Arizona, I value teachers. I encourage my students/teachers to act as teaching professionals and to ignite a passion for literacy in their own students.

Here at Grand Valley State University, I teach in our Literacy Studies program while serving as the Reading/Language Arts program coordinator.