Elizabeth Stolle

Associate Professor

Office Address: 484 C DeVos
Phone: (616) 331-6242
Email: stollee@gvsu.edu


  • B.A., University of Michigan, 1998
  • M.Ed., Arizona State University, 2003
  • Ph.D., Arizona State University, 2007    

Scholarly Interests:

  • Literacy and Reading
  • New Literacies (intersection of technology and literacy)
  • Adolescent Literacy/Reading
  • Teacher Education
  • Critical Literacy (issues of power in education)

Academic/Professional Activities:

Peer Reviewed Publication:

Stolle, E.P. & Frambaugh-Kritzer, C. (2014). Putting professionalism back into teaching: Secondary preservice and in-service teachers engaging in interdisciplinary unit planning. Action in Teacher Education, 36:61–75

Stolle, E.P. (2011). Moving to online literature discussions: Putting a new twist on a practice tried and true. Language Arts Journal of Michigan, 27(1), 20-23.

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Stolle, E.P. (2011). Collaborating online: Teachers engaging in meaningful talk for the benefit of students. Kentucky English Bulletin, 60(2), 16-20.

Stolle, E.P. (2010). Opening up space for agency: An English teacher, technology, and literacy. Michigan Reading Journal, 42(3), 40-47.

Stolle, E.P. & Fischman, G.E. (2010). Disrupting traditions: Teachers negotiating multiliteracies and technology. In D. R. Cole & D. Pullen (Eds.), Multiliteracies in Motion: Current Theory and Practice (p. 160-172). New York: Routledge.

Stolle, E.P. (2008). Teachers, literacy, and technology: Tensions, complexities, conceptualizations, and practice. 57th Yearbook of the National Reading Conference, (p. 56-69).

King, C.M., Patterson, N.G., & Stolle, E.P. (2008). Portfolio assessment: Making connections, guiding change. English Teaching: Practice and Critique, 7(3), 4-9.

Non-peer Reviewed Publications:

Stolle, E.P. (2010). Keep on keeping on: What can happen through university/school partnerships. Colleagues, V(I), 16-19.

Stolle, E.P. (2007). Secondary content area teachers speak about literacy and technology: Tensions, complexities, conceptualizations, and practices (Doctoral dissertation, Arizona State University, 2007). ProQuest, 3258046.

Marsh, J.Y. & Stolle, E.P. (2006).  Re/constructing identities: A tale of two adolescents. In D.E. Alvermann, K.A. Hinchman, D.W. Moore, S.F. Phelps, & D.R. Waff (Eds.), Reconceptualizing the literacies in adolescents’ lives (2nd ed., pp. 47-63). Mahwah, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum.

Recent Presentations:

Frambaugh-Kritzer, C. & Stolle, E.P. (2014, August). Our present journey with new literacies: Drawing on the past to impact the future. Paper presentation at the 10th International Conference on Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices, East Sussex, England.

Stolle, E.P. (2014, March). Plugging in together:  Teachers and students exploring international adolescent literature. Presentation at the 58th annual meeting of the Michigan Reading Association, Grand Rapids, MI.

Frambaugh-Kritzer, C. & Stolle, E.P. (2013, December). Two teacher educators transform their content area literacy courses to include a disciplinary literacy focus. Roundtable presentation at the 63rd annual meeting of the Literacy Researcher Association, Dallas, TX.

Teaching Areas:

  • Reading/Language Arts: Program Coordinator
  • Literacy Studies
  • Content Area Literacy


  • EDR 621: Current Issues and Trends in Literacy
  • EDR 628: Language Arts Curriculum and Materials
  • EDR 623: Developmental Adolescent Literacies
  • EDR 613: Literacy Assessment and Instruction
  • EDR 625: Adolescent Literature
  • ED 693: Master’s Project

Additional Information:

As a literacy teacher educator, I connect my research on teacher identity, disciplinary literacies/content area literacy, new literacies, adolescent literacy, and interdisciplinary instruction with student learning and teacher education. As a former 8th grade English Language Arts teacher in Illinois and a reading consultant in Arizona, I value teachers. I encourage my students/teachers to act as teaching professionals and to ignite a passion for literacy in their own students.

Here at Grand Valley State University, I teach in our Literacy Studies program while serving as the Reading/Language Arts program coordinator.