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Cooperating Teachers


Years of educational research show that the Cooperating Teacher is one of the most significant influences in the development of prospective teachers. By taking on this important responsibility, teachers often find that they experience challenges, growth, and great rewards.

In a recent GVSU survey of teachers in Kent County, 94% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that teachers grow professionally when they supervise student teachers. Said one teacher, “It really makes me think about my teaching strategies and style. It has helped me become a better teacher.”

97% of respondents to the same survey agreed or strongly agreed that student teachers provide extra help in the classroom. A student teacher’s presence can allow teachers to have precious instructional time with individual students and small groups, and provide fresh perspectives on teaching methods and students’ struggles.  As one teacher put it, “I feel that the teacher, student teacher, and students all benefit.”

Because our intention is for everyone to benefit from the field experience, we at the GVSU College of Education are reaching out to our school partners to provide guidance and support. Here you will find many useful resources for a successful semester:

Cooperating Teacher handbooks: 

 Elementary Teacher Assisting (EDI 330)
Secondary Teacher Assisting (EDI 331)

Special Education Teacher Assisting (EDS 332)
Elementary and Secondary Student Teaching (EDI 430 and EDI 431)
Special Education Student Teaching (EDS 471 and EDS 472)
Graduate Teacher Certification (GTC)

If you are interested in becoming a Cooperating Teacher, please let us know by calling the GVSU College of Education at (616) 331-6650.

Page last modified October 14, 2013