COMPASS Admission Requirements and Application Information

To meet the requirements for consideration, the applicant must be an individual who qualifies as an underrepresented population in the teaching profession (K-12) elementary and secondary schools. Preference will be given to a student who: 

  • Comes from an urban district or
  • Comes from a small school district with few resources and/or
  • Qualifies for a Pell grant (i.e., first generation and low income applicant from urban or rural school districts)

Prior to submitting the application, the applicant must meet with the COMPASS Director or designee for an initial screening to determine if basic qualifications have been met. If the student meets the basic qualifications to be considered as a candidate for the COMPASS Program, the student must:

  • Download and print the application
  • Complete the application, which includes:
    1. A completed application
    2. A written personal statement:
      1. Expressing her/his need for support
      2. Stating why s/he wants to be in the program
      3. Describing why s/he wants to be a teacher
  • Obtain two letters of recommendation from a professor attesting to their character and fitness to teach
  • Agree to fill out an application for a background check and pass
  • Sign a statement of agreement, if accepted, which will include the terms and provisions of remaining in the program

Students who have met all admissions requirements will be accepted into the program on a first-come, first-served basis. No more than thirty students will be allowed into a single cohort.  If more than thirty students apply and meet the criteria for acceptance, the students will be ranked based upon the strength of their application, their need for support, and the recommendation of their professors.

Page last modified February 3, 2012