Center for Educational Partnerships

Mission Statement:

The Center for Educational Partnerships serves as to create and facilitate service connecting the College of Education (COE) to local and world communities.
We will do this by:

  • Making COE visible through public relations opportunities
  • Modeling social responsibility/civic duty for students
  • Creating/sustaining relationships in the community
  • Administering COE events (Convocation/Colleagues)
  • Promoting educational policies and practices
  • Creating educational resources for the community
  • Sustaining student connection with the College of Education and community beyond learning


Staff Contact Information:

David Bair (Director)
Professor  Special Education, Foundations, and Technology

Clayton Pelon (Associate Director)
Colleagues Magazine & Alumni Association

Forrest Clift (Associate Director)
Convocation & Adopt a District

Mike Posthumus (Assistant Director)
Colleagues Plus Website, Groundswell: FORCES PI, & Groundswell Interim Director, Service Learning Initiative Coordinator

Colleen Bourque (Groundswell Project Coordinator)
Groundswell Project Coordinator

Veda Hodges (Office Coordinator)

Location and Department Contact Information:

396 C. DeVos Center
401 W. Fulton St., Bldg. C Grand Rapids, MI 49504

Phone: 616-331-6240
Fax: 616-331-6422