College of Education

Administrator Certification

(Initial license; valid for up to five years)

Certification requires completion of Master’s Degree or higher from an approved
program in educational leadership or administration offered by an institute of higher
education (IHE). There are two basic endorsements available on the initial
certificate (i.e., Elementary/Secondary Administrator K-12 [building] or Central
Office [district]).

A superintendent, principal, assistant principal or other person whose primary
responsibility is administering instructional programs employed as a school
administrator after January 4, 2010, must hold a valid Administrator Certificate.

A school administrator who was employed as a school administrator on or before
January 4, 2010, does not need to hold the Administrator Certificate for their
current position, but must meet the professional development requirements as
described in the Administrative Certificate renewal requirements below.
A non-certified school administrator may be employed by a school district if enrolled
in a program leading to certification as a school administrator not later than six
months after date of employment. The school administrator has three years to
meet the certification requirements.

* Enrollment must be verified by the approved EPI. To be enrolled, the individual
must be registered for at least one class during the current semester/trimester or
the upcoming semester/trimester AND have paid enrollment fees.

Administrator Certificate Renewal
 (Renewal is valid for up to five years)

Requires one or the combination of the following:
· Completion of 6 semester hours at any four-year or community college
   listed in the Directory of Michigan Institutions of Higher Education. *
· 180 State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECHs)

Note: Semester credits or SCECHs (formerly SB-CEUs) must have been completed
within the five year period preceding the date of application and after the
issue date of the previous certificate.

* Credits completed at approved out-of-state four-year EPI are also acceptable.


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