CMS 3.X Help

Site Extras - Photo Gallery

This site extra allows you to add a photo gallery to your site.

  1. Click on “Photo Gallery” under the Site Extras panel on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Click the blue “Add New” button.
  3. Type in a title for the gallery. You may also choose to enter a description.
  4. Chose a template for the photo gallery. There are four options and each shows a picture of what the gallery will look like. Click the circle button next to the template name to choose that template.
  5. Click the blue “Submit” button.
  6. To add photos, click on the photos icon. It is under the column named photo and it looks like three framed pictures overlapping each other.
  7. To add pictures, click the blue “Add New” button. Click the gray “Browse…” button and find the photo you want to upload. Once you have found the photo(s) you want to upload, click the blue “Submit” button.
  8. Repeat steps 2-5 to add more photo galleries. Repeat steps 6-7 to add more photos.

Page last modified June 20, 2012