CMS 3.X Help

Site Extras - Faculty/Staff Directory

  1. To add the Faculty/Staff Directory to your site go the the "Site Settings" page from the left hand navigation and scroll down and check the box called "Fac/Staff Directory" in the "Site Extras" section and then click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page.

  2. Once you have enabled the Fac/Staff Directory you will see an icon on the left-hand navigation.

  3. If you click the icon above you will be taken into the faculty staff module. Here there will be a list of the current faculty/staff that are in your directory as well as some options for creating a new faculty/staff, editing and/or deleting current faculty/staff. Also the settings for the directory on your site.

  4. If you click on the "Settings" button you will be brought to main settings page for the faculty/staff directory for your site. From here you can change default settings for your directory.
    • If you want to use the field select the use field.
    • To make it so the field must be filled in please select required.
    • To make the field show up on the directory listing page please select list.
    • The label will display before the information entered for each faculty entry.
      • To display just the entry with no label make the label field blank.

  5. If you want to add a new faculty/staff, click the "Add New" button on the main listing page. You can also edit or delete existing entry by clicking the "Edit" (Pencil) icon, or the "Delete" (Red X) icon.

    **Only the fields that are set to be visible, required, etc. will show up on this page**
  6.  Once you have created your faculty/staff entries you can view them on your website. There will be a new link at the top right of your page that will take you to the listing of everyone in your directory.

  7. Once you get to your directory you will see all the faculty/staff you entered in alphabetical order.

  8. If you click on an individual's name you will be brought to their detailed page. This page will only show the information that you have entered in the CMS Admin.

Page last modified June 29, 2012