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A CreateSend Walkthrough

First, what is CreateSend?

CreateSend is the email marketing software that Institutional Marketing has chosen to assist departments/offices with the creation and sending of email campaigns. It has an easy-to-use editing interface similar to the CMS, manages subscriber lists, and includes reports to measure the effectiveness of a campaign.

While departments are free to use any email newsletter service they want, we can only provide support for CreateSend. GVSU-branded newsletter and “e-blast” templates are available for university use and we can help with basic troubleshooting. 

Departments are responsible for coming up with content and its entry, recipient lists and the costs associated with the service. The cost is $5 per campaign plus 1 cent per recipient. (A campaign to 500 recipients is $5 + 500 cents, or $10.) CreateSend will prompt for credit card information when sending the first campaign, and p-cards can be used.

Want access?

  • Contact Kelley Rogers (rogerkel@gvsu.edu). Turnaround time is dependent on current project load, but 2 weeks is typical. 


Setting up:

  • After logging in, click the "Create a new campaign" button on the right side of the screen. (If this is your first campaign, you’ll see a large green “Get started” button instead.)
  • Give the campaign a name, specify a subject line for the email and a sender name/email address. Click "Next". 
  • Now it's time to specify a template for your email. Select "Use one of my templates" and click the template’s image. Click "Next" again. Now you have a full-size view of your email. 


  • Click any of the "Edit" buttons to replace the existing content. Be sure to click "Save changes" at the bottom of the editing area when your edits have been made.
  • Click “+ Add New” to add an article. Again, be sure to click “Save changes” after your content has been entered.
  • Once everything is added, click "Preview" in the upper right corner. Give everything a final review, then click "I'm done..."


  • Recipients can be entered two ways: through the "Lists & Subscribers" tab at the top of the screen, or while you’re creating a campaign. Departments generally import recipient data from an Excel file saved in .csv format. When adding a new recipient list, choose "Single opt-in" for the list type. There is no limit to the number of recipient lists permitted. 


  • Now that everything’s entered, you’re ready to test and send. First, you'll have the option to send a test message to up to 5 addresses at once. 
  • Finally, you'll have the option to send your campaign immediately or schedule it for a specific date/time. (You'll also be prompted for credit card information if a card isn't already on file.)

Page last modified December 17, 2015