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CMS 3.X Training Video Screencasts

All of these videos can also be seen on the GV WebTeam YouTube account. Maybe you were looking for CMS 4 help?

1. Overview (2:14)
 A quick introduction to the content management system at Grand Valley State University.

2. Where do I log in? (1:20)
The quick answer is www.gvsu.edu/cmsadmin or watch the video

3. Admin Home, Site Access Log, Manage Users (4:31)
This section covers the main administration screen once you log in, the history of who made changes to your site, and the ability to add other administrators to help you make changes to your site.

3b. Adding other administrators that require your approval before their changes go live.

4. Site Settings (3:50)
All about site settings including Site Name, Description, Keywords, and Contact Information.

4b. Hiding site title and page titles

5. Content and Navigation Items (6:20)
Learn how to create a new Web page on your site and link to it from the left hand navigation.

6. Content Items (3:37)
A bit more about content items regarding folders, archives, and number of times they are linked to.

7. Inserting Hyperlinks (4:13)
How to insert different types of hyperlinks into your Web pages.

8. Optimize your site for search engines using Title, Description and Keywords (2:41)

9. The Web Editor (4:51)
Covers the top row of icons in the Web editor.

10. Active and Expire Navigation Items (1:46)
How to activate and expire navigation items.

11. Inserting Photos (5:57)
How to insert photos on to your web pages.

Resizing photos in PhotoShop.com (5:57)
Resizing photos in PicResize.com (3:03)
Resizing photos in Adobe Photoshop

12. Linking to Documents (2:48)
How to create a hyperlink to a document such as a PDF, Word, or Excel.

13. Adding a Sub-navigation Item
How to add a sub-navigation item below an existing navigation item.

14. Adding Anchors
How to create and link anchors within a content page.

15. Using Tables
How to create, use, and edit tables in a content page.

16. Creating a Redirect Navigation Item
How to create a navigation item that redirects to a page outside your site.

17. Using Site Extras
How to the site extras available on your site.

HTML Rotate
News Section
Events Calendar
Photo Gallery
Popular Pages
Protected Files
Header Notify
Header Rotate
Social Media Icons
Twitter Feed
Faculty/Staff Directory

18. Web Statistics

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