CURRENT POSITION:�������� Professor

����������������������������������������������� Department of Classics

����������������������������������������������� Grand Valley State University

����������������������������������������������� Allendale, Michigan 49401

����������������������������������������������� Phone: (616) 331-3600





Ph.D., Classics, 1983.The University of Texas at Austin

B.A., Latin, 1970.Yale University





Grand Valley State University

����������� Professor of Classics, 2007-

����������� Associate Professor of Classics, 2000-07

Chair of Department, 2000-03

Associate Professor of English, 1996-2000

����������� Assistant Professor of English, 1993-96


Middlebury College

����������� Visiting Associate Professor of Classics, 2003-04


Bryn Mawr College

����������� Research Associate, Departments of Greek and Latin, 1992-93

����������� Visiting Assistant Professor of Latin, 1991-92


Princeton University

����������� Assistant Professor of Classics, 1985-91


University of Southern California

����������� Assistant Professor of Classics, 1983-85










Abelard�s Historia Calamitatum and Heloise�s Epistula ad Aba�lardum.Edition and

����������� commentary in preparation for Bryn Mawr Latin Commentaries.


Abelard and Heloise: The Letters and Other Writings.Hackett Publishing Co., 2007.



Articles and Reviews


�Heloise: Second Letter to Abelard.�New England Review 27.1 (2006): 175-86.


�Heloise: First Letter.�New England Review 26.1 (2005): 6-18.


Review of P. J. Davis, Seneca: Thyestes.New England Classical Journal 32.1 (2005): 71-3.


�Abelard�s History of Calamities.�Translated with Debra Nails.New England Review 25.1 & 2

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�Asserting Agency in the Early Middle Ages�Heloise.�Medieval and Early Modern Seminar:

����������� Women and the Problem of Agency in the Pre-Modern Era, AL 892.Michigan State

����������� University, East Lansing, MI.January 21, 2005.With Prof. D. Nails.


�Heloise: Philosopher and Writer.�University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.November 3, 2004.


�A Brief for the Translation of Violence.�Arts and Humanities Faculty Symposium on

����������� Violence, Grand Valley State University, Allendale, MI.November 16, 2000.


�The Senecan Paradox of the Actor.� Conference on �Seneca in Performance,� Northwestern

University, Evanston, IL.November 15, 1998.


Keynote Address.Michigan Junior Classical League State Convention, Allendale, MI.

November 9, 1996.


�Freedom and Euripides� Orestes.�VIIth International Meeting on Logos and Art, International

����������� Center of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Research, Olympia, Greece.August 1996.


�Obsessive-Compulsive Literature of the Late Empire.�Mary Washington College,

Fredericksburg, VA.October 1994


�Caesar�s Commentaries as Historiographic Narrative.�Congr�s de la F�d�ration Internationale

����������� des Associations d��tudes Classiques, Qu�bec, Canada.August 1994.


�Heard Melodies: The Sounds of Ancient Music.�Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA.

����������� February 1993.


�History in Virgil�s Aeneid.�University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.March 1992.


�The Ancient Carmen Figuratum.�University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.March 1992.


Workshop on the Roman Comic Theater.University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.April 1991.


�Literary Repetition in Rome: The Case of Terence�s Eunuch.�Swarthmore College,

Swarthmore, PA.February 1991.


�Performing Against the Plot in Terence�s Eunuch: Phaedria Takes Off.�Panel on �Comic

Acting and Dramatic Structure,� Annual Meeting, American Philological Association,

San Francisco, CA.December 1990.


�Poetry for the End of Empire.�Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.May 1989.


�Seneca in the Seventeenth Century.�American Academy in Rome, Rome, Italy.June 1988.


Nec Sit Modus�Let There Be No End: Narrative and Theatrical in Senecan Drama.�

����������� International Conference, Society for the Study of Narrative Literature, Columbus, OH.

����������� April 1988.


�Pattern Poetry in the Ancient World.� American Academy, Rome, Italy.February 1988.


�The Problem of Ancient Music.�Princeton University, Princeton, NJ.December 1986.


�Music and Myth in Pythian 12.�Conference on �Pindar in Performance,� University of

Kansas, Lawrence, KS.November 1985.


�Renaissance Lullabies.�Keynote Address, Annual Meeting, Classical Association of New

����������� Jersey, Princeton, NJ.October 1985.


�The Latin Poetry of Permutation.�Conference on �The Call of the Phoneme,�Society for the

����������� Humanities, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.September 14, 1985.


�Latin Poetry and Pedagogy.�Annual Meeting, California Classical Association�Southern

Section, Irvine, CA.November 1984.


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����������� �Angelo Poliziano,� Montepulciano, Italy.July 1984.


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����������� American Philological Association, Cincinnati, OH.December 1983.


�Myths of the Goddess: Jane Harrison, Robert Graves, and Altman�s Three Women.�Annual

����������� Meeting, Philological Association of the Pacific Coast, Santa Barbara, CA.

����������� November 1983.


�Optatian Porfyry.�Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA.May 1983.


�On Performing Ancient Music.�University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS.April 1980.





Fellow of the American Academy in Rome.


Vice-President, Board of Governors, Society of Fellows, American Academy in Rome, 1992-93.


Rome Prize and NEH Fellowship at the American Academy in Rome, 1987-88.





Editorial Consultant������� Yale University Press, 2000-05

Hackett Publishing Co., 1992-98

����������������������������������� Pantheon Books, 1990


Reader/Referee����������������������� Cornell University Press

����������������������������������� Hackett Publishing Co.

����������������������������������� Parmenides Publishing Co.

����������������������������������� Princeton University Press

����������������������������������� Stanford University Press

����������������������������������� University of Wisconsin Press


Co-director, Seneca�s Oedipus, Grand Valley State University, April, 2007.


Producer/director of radio series broadcasting dramatic adaptations of ancient and medieval

literary works, KUT-FM, Austin, TX, 1976-79.





At Grand Valley State University

����������������������� Elementary and Intermediate Latin; Horace�s Odes; Mediaeval Latin Literature;

Introduction to Latin Literature; Ancient Drama; �Classical Theater Workshop�; �Notions of the Classics (Classics Capstone)�; English Composition: Exposition and Argument; �Classical Literature� (epic and tragedy); �British Literature I� (medieval and renaissance); �Renaissance Literature� (English drama); �Modern World Masterpieces�; �Topics in Literature: Comedy�; �Topics in Literature: Virgil, Dante, Milton�; �Studies in Drama�; Honors College �Classical World I and II�


At Middlebury College

����������������������� Elementary Latin; Advanced Greek; independent reading course on Roman

����������������������� comedy

In translation: Classical Epic; Ancient Comedy; �Seminar in Classical Literature�

(Senecan Drama and Its Tradition)


At Bryn Mawr College

����������� Undergraduate:

����������������������� Elementary and Intermediate Latin; Roman Comedy; Literature of the Empire

����������������������� In translation: �Comedy From Aristophanes to Woody Allen.�

����������� Graduate:

����������������������� History of Roman Republican Literature; independent reading course in Roman

����������������������� satire.


At Princeton University

����������� Undergraduate:

����������������������� Elementary and Intermediate Latin; �Catullus and His Age�; �The Origins of

Rome: Livy and Virgil�; �Introduction to Augustan Literature: Ovid�; �Roman

Drama: Terence�; �Roman Drama: Seneca�; �Virgil�s Aeneid�; independent

reading courses on Seneca, Ovid, Propertius, Catullus, Lucretius; supervision of

Senior Theses and Junior Independent Work on Servius, Catullus, Lucretius,

Virgil, Horace, Roman Elegy, Plautus, Propertius, Euripides, ancient music,

G. Leopardi, E. Pound.

In translation: �Homer and the Tragic Vision�; �The Ancient Comic Tradition�;

�Studies in the Classical Tradition.�


����������� Graduate:

����������������������� Catullus, Survey of Latin Literature: the Republic; Senecan drama; independent

����������������������� reading courses on archaic Latin literature; reader of dissertations on Catullus,

Ovid, Aristophanes.


At the University of Southern California

����������� Undergraduate:

����������������������� Elementary and Intermediate Latin; Roman Lyric Poetry.

����������������������� In translation: Comedy; �Music in the Ancient World�; �The Tradition of

Romance: Homer to Shakespeare.�

����������� Graduate:

����������������������� Senecan Tragedy; Survey of Latin Literature: the Empire.




at Grand Valley State University


University Task Force on Minor in Chinese, 2006-

University Institutional Representative to the American Academy in Rome, 2002-

University Institutional Representative to the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies, 2002-

University Faculty Personnel Policy Committee, 2001-03, 2005- ; Chair, 2002-03

Grand Valley Review, Assistant Editor, 1996-

University Committee on Housing 2008 (Honors College architectural planning), 2006-07

Department of English, Oldenburg Prize Committee, Judge, 1995, 2002, 06

University Task Force on Academic Reorganization, 2003

Division of Arts and Humanities Dean Search Committee, 2002-03

Department of Classics, Chair, 2000-03

Division of Arts and Humanities, Executive Committee, 1998-2003

Division of Arts and Humanities Curriculum Committee, 2001-02

University Academic Senate, Executive Committee of the Senate, 2000

Department of Music, Student Essay Competition, Juror, 2000

University Task Force on Classics, Chair, 1999-2000

Division of Arts and Humanities, Chair-elect, 1998-99; Chair, 1999-2000

Classics Coordinating Committee, Chair, 1995-2000

Coordinator of Classics, 1995-2000

Grand Valley Classical Forum, Organizer, 1995-2000

Department of English Personnel Committee, 1996-99; Chair, 1997-99

Shakespeare Festival Committee, 1997-98

Department of English, Chamberlain Scholarship and Davis Scholarship Committee,

1995-96, 97-98

Department of English Lecture Series Committee, Chair, 1995-97

Department of English Chair Search Committee, 1993-94





Latin, Greek (ancient), French, Italian, German