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Facilities at KHS, Allendale

Facilities: Equipment:
Walk-in cold room Eppendorf refrigerated microfuge Radioisotope room Eppendorf Gradient PCR machine Darkroom HP 8452A photodiode array Spectrophotometer with Peltier temperature control Tissue Culture room: 2 Kodak EDAS 290 gel documentation systems 2 Biosafety cabinets Labconco lyophillizer 1 Lab-Linewater-jacketed CO2 incubator -80 Freezer 1 REVCO plant growth chamber Water-jacketed CO2 incubator Biosafety Cabinet VWR air shaking incubator Autoclave 1 light chamber Liquid nitrogen cell storage dewar Microscopy: Lab-line shaking water bath
Pixera PRO 156ES dissecting scope Lab-line orbital shaking incubator, benchtop Nikon Fluorescent scope w/digital camera Lab-line orbital shaking incubator, floor model 2 Leica Research dissecting scopes Eppendorf microfuges BioRad Mini-Protean III gel systems IEC refrigerated high-speed centrifuge w/876 & 877 rotors Beckman Ultracentrifuge