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Center for Health Sciences, Downtown Grand Rapids Campus

Teaching lab: [ pic]
Research space: [ pic 2]
Student study / office space [ pic]

Facilities: Equipment: Chemical room- [ pic]
2 sonicators 2 Sorval RC5C Plus high-speed centrifuges [ pic]
1 Sorval Discovery 90SE ultracentrifuge Radioisotope room- Beckman Scintillation counter 2 Boekel Bambino hybridization ovens Leica CM3050 cryostat [ pic]
Advanced Chemtech Apogee peptide synthesizer [ pic]
Beckman Coulter DU-800 spectrophotometer Darkroom- Kodak XOMAT film processing unit Agilent photodiode array spectrophotometer [ pic]
Photon Technologies Inc. QM-7 T format fluorimeter [ pic]
Microscope room- [ pic]
1 Olympus BX51 upright research scope w/DIC & fluorescence Biotronette Mark III environmental light chamber 4 Percival light chambers 2 Percival Arabidopsis growth chambers 2 Olympus IX71 inverted research scope w/ DIC & fluorescence 3 New Brunswick benchtop air shaking incubators [ pic]
2 Innova stacked floor model shaking incubators [ pic]
2 Olympus SZX12 research fluorescent dissecting scopes 2 Eppendorf refrigerated microfuges 13 Eppendorf microfuges 2 digital cameras w/ analysis software 2 Eppendorf Gradient PCR machines Autoclave room- [ pic]
2 large capacity autoclaves 1 Eppendorf PCR machine 1 Eppendorf Electroporator 1 Labprepco dishwasher Stratagene MX3000P Realtime PCR [ pic]
1 Labprepco dishdryer Bio-Rad Helios Gene gun 4 Tissue culture rooms- [ pic]
2 rooms (per room): 2 laminar flow hoods, 2 water-jacketed CO2 incubators 2 Eppendorf speed vacs 2 gel dryers Kodak Gel Logic gel documentation system 2 rooms (per room): 2 biosafety cabinets 2 water-jacketed CO2 incubators Labconco lyophillizer 2 -80 freezers 1 room: Eppendorf microinjection system w/ Zeiss Axiovert 200 microscope hook-up 6 variable temp benchtop incubators 6 refrigerated water baths Walk-in cold room [ pic] 1 vacuum drying oven
Walk-in warm room [ pic] Liquid nitrogen
2 liquid nitrogen storage drawers 1 explosion proof refrigerator / freezer 1 inflammable refrigerator / freezer 4 -20 freezers [ pic]
5 refrigerator / freezers 1 microplate reader 2 micropipette pullers

Padnos Hall, Allendale

Facilities: Equipment:
Walk-in cold room Eppendorf refrigerated microfuge Radioisotope room Eppendorf Gradient PCR machine Darkroom HP 8452A photodiode array Spectrophotometer with Peltier temperature control Tissue Culture room: 2 Kodak EDAS 290 gel documentation systems 2 Biosafety cabinets Labconco lyophillizer 1 Lab-Linewater-jacketed CO2 incubator -80 Freezer 1 REVCO plant growth chamber Water-jacketed CO2 incubator Biosafety Cabinet VWR air shaking incubator Autoclave 1 light chamber Liquid nitrogen cell storage dewar Microscopy: Lab-line shaking water bath
Pixera PRO 156ES dissecting scope Lab-line orbital shaking incubator, benchtop Nikon Fluorescent scope w/digital camera Lab-line orbital shaking incubator, floor model 2 Leica Research dissecting scopes Eppendorf microfuges BioRad Mini-Protean III gel systems IEC refrigerated high-speed centrifuge w/876 & 877 rotors Beckman Ultracentrifuge