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The Classics program at GVSU

We offer exciting programs in Greek and in Latin, and in Latin secondary education for students who plan to teach Latin in grades 7-12.

Our innovative program in the Classical Tradition emphasizes the legacy of the classical world and specifically investigates the relationship between Greek and Roman civilizations and the literary, artistic, intellectual, social, and political traditions of other cultures. Students who seek a broad acquaintance with the classical world, but whose interests do not fit easily into other departmental programs, have the opportunity to design individual programs to fit their talents, interests, and career goals.

Greek and Latin are essential components of Classics. Access to the native languages of the great writers of the ancient world provides students with a special perspective on ancient culture.  Students also gain unique insight into crucial works in the fields of literature, philosophy, history, law, and mathematics.

Consult the GVSU Catalog for detailed program information:

Classics - Program Description 
Classics, B.A. 
   Classical Languages 
   Classical Tradition 
   Latin Secondary Education 

Classics (minor) 
   Classical Tradition 

Classics Prof. William Levitan addresses a group of GVSU students during a visit to Italy.
Classics Professor William Levitan addresses a group of GVSU students during a trip to Italy in the spring of 2003.

Most students find that working with the classical languages - Greek and Latin - greatly improves their understanding of English vocabulary and grammar and their skills as readers and writers.

Greek is especially important for students of literature and philosophy, and those who are preparing for seminary or who wish to read the New Testament in its original language.

Latin will be of special benefit to students of literature, history, and law, students of Romance languages, and those who are interested in the culture of medieval and renaissance Europe, and those interested in teaching Latin at the secondary level.

Greek and Latin also provide interesting and enjoyable ways to fulfill Grand Valley's B.A. requirement for proficiency in a foreign language. All classes are taught in English and stress reading comprehension rather than speaking. No class requires attendance at language labs.

Course sequences in Greek and Latin, starting with Elementary Ancient Greek I (GRK 101) and Elementary Latin I (LAT 101), begin every Fall semester.

Students with prior experience in either language, especially those with high school Latin, should consult the Department of Classics about proper placement.

Major Requirements

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