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Classics alumna Brittany Hunter '08 on "My High-Tech Dream Career"

Date: October 27, 2011

2011 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Distinguished Alumna in Residence Brittany Hunter, Classics and Honors '08, addressed a capacity crowd in Kirkhof Center on October 27:

"You Majored in What?"
How my liberal arts degree led to my high-tech dream career.

Brittany made her first website when she was 13. It was purple and it had sparkles and ponies. It was around that time that she decided she wanted to design software. 

A 2008 GVSU Honors graduate, she received the B.A. in Classics with an emphasis on both ancient Greek and Latin -- a background that sometimes elicits comment in her line of work. Yet her training in Classics has proven to be anything other than a drawback as her career has progressed from employment as the website coordinator for a Grand Rapids-based international nonprofit organization, to work as a developer on the GVSU Webteam, to her current position at the nationally recognized software firm Atomic Object.

Brittany credits her success to the intense training she received in critical thinking, rhetoric, and language while learning about the Greco-Roman world at GVSU. In combination with her love of visual design, this preparation enables her to respond to the needs of clients by comprehending complex business domains and effectively communicating difficult concepts in understandable, usable, visually beautiful ways. 

Outside of work Brittany spends a lot of time riding, training, and taking care of her three horses; on weekends she competes with them in local dressage competitions. During the school year, she enjoys teaching violin lessons and tutoring high school Latin. She also dabbles in photography, blogging, cooking, and gardening.

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