The Department of Classics

GVSU Classics-related Video, Multimedia, and Podcasts


W. Robert Connor on "What happened to the future? Lessons from ancient Athens on leadership and its limits" (22-23 March 2011 - YouTube).

GVTV feature on H3: HOMERathon 3 (Fall 2010 - Facebook)

Profs. Charles Pazdernik and Kelli Rudolph on "President Barack Obama and the Lessons of Antiquity" (Winter 2009 - YouTube)

Bronze casting project pour (Winter 2008 - YouTube)

Homer's Odyssey 9.1-20 in GRK 202 (Winter 2008 - YouTube)

Prof. Charles Pazdernik on teaching in the liberal arts (Summer 2008 - RealVideo)



Profs. Diane Rayor (translator) and Karen Libman (director) with WGVU's Shelley Irwin on the Heritage Theatre Group's world premier production of Euripides' Medea (Summer 2012 - mp3)  

Prof. Melissa Morison with WGVU's Shelley Irwin on her recent archeological experiences in Corinth and the new archeology minor at GVSU (Fall 2009 - mp3)

Prof. Diane Rayor with WGVU's Shelley Irwin on her translations of Homeric Hymns and Antigone (Fall 2008 - mp3)

Prof. Bill Levitan with WGVU's Shelley Irwin on his book Abelard & Heloise (Winter 2008 - mp3)


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