The Department of Classics

GVSU Bronze casting Project 2008

GVSU Interdepartmental Bronze casting Project 2008

A joint project of the Department of Art & Design and 
the Department of Classics

With the cooperation of the
Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park

Prof. Melissa Morison of the Department of Classics and Prof. Norwood Viviano of the Department of Art & Design are collaborating on the interdepartmental bronze casting project "Lost Wax/Found History."

The project involves study of classical Greek bronze casting techniques, experimental production of bronze sculpture using ancient bronze "recipes" and methods, quantitative analysis of the results (to be done in cooperation with the School of Engineering in 2008), and a keynote address at Meijer Gardens featuring the art historian Prof. Carol Mattusch of George Mason University.

Students participating in the project developed sculpture ideas over the course of Fall 2007 and now in 2008 are seeing the results of their experimental work.

The project was the subject of a full-page "Profile in Excellence" in the Quadrennial Report of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, 2004-2008.

Photos and video from the casting on Friday, February 15:







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