CLAS Academic Advising Center

Closed Class Policy

There is not one universal policy when requesting a closed class permit. Below are a few of the ways departments may handle the process. Consult each department to determine the best strategy for asking for a closed class permit.

1. Many departments will leave the decision up to the instructor who will be teaching the course. Contact the instructor to see about obtaining a closed class permit.

2. Some departments will handle the closed class permits from within their own office. In this scenario, there may be a form for the student to fill out or you may simply need to speak to the chair of the department to see if you may be added to a course.

3. There are a few departments who keep waitlists in the departmental office. You can sign up for the waitlist and will be notified if you will be given a closed class permit.

Please note: The CLAS Academic Advising Center does not have the authority to grant closed class permits.

Page last modified July 25, 2012