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Unit Head Mailing 9-29-09

1.    Your Gifts to the Student Support Fund Will Be Matched

2.    Reminder of Three Out-of-the-Box Events!

3.    Conversations for Change

4.    Health and Wellness

5.    Undergraduate Research Fair

6.    "No R&D Dollar Left Behind"

7.    Admissions Events- faculty needed

8.    CLAS Important Dates      

1. Your Gifts to the Student Support Fund will be matched

Gifts to this non-endowed fund will be matched by the university and will count for the 2009-2010 Faculty and Staff Campaign.  Click here to give online.

Information for students hoping to receive these funds can be found on the Financial Aid website at  www.gvsu.edu/financialaid

 2. Reminder of Three Out-of-the-Box Events! – message from Grace Coolidge, Chair of Faculty Council

Sponsored by CLAS Faculty Council, CLAS Personnel Committee and the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

The Out-of-the-Box workshops offer an innovative way to work with and respond to the draft Standards and Criteria for Personnel Evaluation that were announced at the beginning of the semester.  A copy of the draft standards is located on your Blackboard site under CLAS Faculty.

The workshops take place in the Pere Marquette Room in the Kirkhof Center on the following dates:

Friday, October 2, 8:30-10:30 (breakfast included)

Thursday, October 29, 11:30-1:30 (lunch included)

Friday, November 20, 11:00-1:00 (lunch included)

To Register, click here: http://gvsu.edu/clas/index.cfm?id=578871E7-A309-CEC0-207A23D55507EDD2


Questions?  Contact Faculty Council Chair Grace Coolidge at coolidgg@gvsu.edu.



3. Conversations for Change (attachment)

As a reminder from the last meeting, Deans Council and UAS will host the first Conversation for Change scheduled:

    Tuesday, October 6  
    7:45 - 9:00 a.m.  
    2270 Kirkhof Center

According to Regina McClinton who has helped to organize the conversations, "The goal of these events is to generate discussion around inclusion and equity at Grand Valley, learn what folks are already doing, and gain new and creative ideas.  Several times were scheduled to accommodate the large campus community and everyone's busy schedule.  The role of the host is to advertise the event and hopefully, attend the event as well."

The attached flyer was circulated through campus mail earlier this week.  Feel free to share it electronically with others.  If you have additional questions, please contact Regina McClinton, Associate Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, mcclintr@gvsu.edu or 331-2815.


4.  Health and Wellness (attachment)– message from Lindsey DesArmo

 Attached is our new Health and Wellness brochure which sums up all we have to offer in a clear and cohesive manner. I also wanted to highlight our new Encompass Employee Assistance Program website which can be found by going to our webpage www.gvsu.edu/healthwellness and clicking on the Encompass box on the bottom left hand side of the page. 

If anyone has questions or needs referrals for assistance they can contact myself or Sue Sloop anytime.

In health,

Health and Wellness Coordinator


5. Undergraduate Research Fair (attachment)– message from Steve Matchett

Attached please find a one page summary of my talking points regarding ways that the Unit Heads can help promote the Undergraduate Research Fair on Tuesday October 6th at 5-7pm., at the Glenn A. Niemeyer Honors Hall.




6. "No R&D Dollar Left Behind" – message from Fred


You're already aware that many CLAS faculty are recipients each year of various Research and Development awards for the great work they do.  What you may not know is that many of the dollars earmarked for our faculty's R & D projects are never paid out as reimbursement to departments.  The total amount for CLAS faculty not paid out during the 08-09 fiscal year was well into five figures--and this is not a time we can leave money on the table.

About 25% of the total was for trips that were cancelled.  If faculty do not inform R & D about cancelled trips, travel funds remain encumbered until the end of the year.  Those dollars could, given proper notification, be used to fund other faculty.  And we have no scarcity of colleagues who could benefit from that funding. 

The prospect of dollars left uselessly in accounting limbo is distressing enough, but other reasons for R&D dollars left behind are even more troublesome, because they almost certainly represent direct costs to the department that might have been reimbursed.

Fully 25% of these faculty indicated that they did not seek reimbursement, for varied reasons.  In one case, a faculty member reported “not needing the funding because other resources came through”. Others had trips in June and planned in good faith to turn in vouchers during the current fiscal year--but their next memory of this task came in September, when dollars encumbered for the previous year are no longer available. 

This problem can also occur at the department level.  When surveyed, many faculty indicated that they did seek reimbursement in a timely manner.  They most likely had been reimbursed with department funds but departments appear to have not sought reimbursement from R & D. The total for the "did not seek funds although eligible" category was about half the total dollars left on the table!  This would make me tear my hair out if...well, you know.  But think about the good those dollars could have done, and maybe you too will suffer a moment's dyspepsia. We don't have enough department or college resources to enable faculty to do everything they might want to do, even spending every dollar at maximum efficiency; we only hamper ourselves and our colleagues when thousands of those scarce dollars go wasted.

I'm writing to seek your cooperation: I'd like you to sharpen--or if they are lacking, to develop--your unit's internal department systems so that they will allow you to track and alert faculty when it is time to claim dollars set aside for them by R & D. And they need to know from you that funds set aside for them by R&D will remain encumbered until reimbursement is made or notice is received from faculty to release them, thus freeing up funds for other faculty awards. Pat Haynes will assist you if you have any questions.  But please, this is no time to leave R&D dollars on the table.  Our colleagues need them, and as I hope you can see, your efforts to follow up and alert will help to assure that we receive all possible support from the university’s faculty development dollars.  Many thanks.  Leave no R&D dollar behind.



7. Admissions Events- faculty needed--message from Mary


We've found out in recent years that the budget of GVSU is very dependent on tuition dollars. As the deadline for the state budget looms, it appears we can only get more so, since support for the state's universities will surely go down.  Against that kind of background, we all know that student recruitment is essential to our University.

Thanks for the volunteers for the admissions events on the east side of the state. Oct 6, Novi, Mi ; Oct 27 Sterling Hts, MI and Oct 28 Southfield, MI have room for one or two more from CLAS. Please let Mary Schutten know the names or name of anyone willing to attend.


8. CLAS Important Dates      

Important Dates



Sept. 30

Provost Meeting

2204 KC, 2:30-4:00

Sept. 30

Unit Head Meeting

2204 KC, 4:00-5:00

   Sept. 30

Nomination form for early promotion/tenure due

B-4-232 MAK

Oct. 1

Budget Requests due for 2010-2011

B-4-232 MAK, Pat Haynes

Oct. 1

Faculty Award Nomination Packets (Pew awards and Outstanding Teacher)

B-4-232 MAK

Oct. 2

CLAS Out of the Box workshop

8:30-10:30 a.m. (2204 KC)

Oct. 3

CLAS Alumni Board Meeting


Oct. 6

Undergraduate Research Fair

5:00-7:00 Niemeyer Honors Hall

Oct. 12-16

Midterm Week


Oct. 13

Round 1 Schedule due to UH


Oct. 14

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC, 3:00-5:00

Oct. 15

Facilities Requests

B-4-232 MAK

Oct. 16

Alumni-In-Residence Luncheon

By Invitation

Oct. 17

CLAS Mindgating Silent Art Auction to benefit Calder Scholarship

 Alumni House

Oct. 20

Midterm Grades due at noon


Oct. 20

Round 1 Schedule Due

Dean’s Office (electronic [Pam Kellogg] and hard copy [B-4-232 MAK])

Oct. 21

HRRC Department Policy


   Oct. 23

CLAS Research Colloquium

308 PAD, 2:30-5:00 P.M.

Oct. 28

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC, 3:00-5:00

Oct. 29

CLAS Out of the Box workshop

11:30-1:30 (2204 KC)

Nov. 1*

Distinguished Contribution to a Discipline Award Nominations

R&D Committee (301C DEV)

Nov. 1*

Outstanding University Service Award Nominations

Office of the Provost

*Since Nov. 1 falls on a Sunday, we have been assured these offices will accept nominations on Nov. 2.

Future Out of the Box workshop - Friday, November 20, 11:00-1:00 p.m. Register


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