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 Unit Head Mailing 9-16-08

1.      Online Graduation Audits Process - Reminder 

2.      New MAK Open House details

3.      Time-To-Graduation

4.      Midsummer Night’s Dream

5.      NCA Open Forum Dates

6.      CLAS/COE meeting

7.      Classrooms Need Attention??

8.      Important CLAS Dates 


1)      Online Graduation Audits Process --- Reminder

In May, 2008 GVSU instituted a new online process for graduation audits.  Please review this process with your faculty and COTs:

1.      The Records Office electronically sends the audits to the department e-mail.  For example  chemdept@gvsu.edu

2.      The designated COT in the department distributes the audit to the appropriate advisor.

3.      Upon completing a review of the audit, the advisor then sends the audit to the department chair or designee for review and approval. 

4.      The chair or designee then sends the approved audit back to Records for completion of the audit. 

If you have questions regarding the review of audits in Banner, please contact Records. 


2)      New MAK Open House details

Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008 
9:30- 11:30
MAK Interior Courtyard
10:00 President speaks briefly followed by Dean Antczak
10:20 Art Tour
10:30 LEED features tour
10:40 Art Tour
All of the departments will have refreshments available and the popcorn machine will be set up in the Dean’s office suite (B-4-232 MAK).

Please encourage your faculty and staff to stop by and visit all of the new offices. They are also encouraged to announce in their classes.


3)      Time-To-Graduation – message from Dean Antczak

This is a reminder to talk to your faculty about the time-to-graduation topic. On October 1 be prepared to respond on what additional data your unit will need to continue its discussion about increasing 4 year graduation rates. Phil Batty will join us for this meeting.


4)      Midsummer Night’s Dream – message from Karen Libman

Fred is going to be ONSTAGE in A Midsummer Night's Dream on Oct 2 at 7:30 pm.  If you want to come see him, this would be a great time!!  Here's the complete list of guest celebrities-they are in honor of our 15th Anniversary!   They are in the play within the play in Act V!   SO, it is funny and they will be dressed in Bollywood garb!  Thanks!  KL

~September 26 @ 7:30pm Jeff Chamberlain, Director of the  Honors College
~September 27 @ 2:00pm Andy Beachnau, Director of Housing
                       @ 7:30pm Shelley Irwin, WGVU, Producer and Host
~September 28 @ 2:00pm Chris Barbee, Director of Alumni Affairs
~October 2 @ 7:30pm Fred Antczak, Dean of College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
~October 3 @ 7:30pm Wendy Wenner, Dean of College of Interdisciplinary Studies
~October 4 @ 2:00pm Henry Matthews, Director of GVSU Art Galleries
                 @ 7:30pm Autumn Trombka, GVSU Student Senate President
~October 5 @ 2:00pm Jon Jellema, Assistant VP for Academic Affairs


5)      NCA Open Forum Dates – see attachment


6)      CLAS Meeting regarding COE initiatives (9-18-08) – message from Mary Schutten

The attached communication from the CLAS curriculum committee and the COE response is being shared as information. There is a CLAS meeting related to education initiatives on Thursday, 9-18-08, 4:30-6:00, B-4-243 MAK and these documents may provide useful background for those who plan to attend. Please share this with your COE representatives that will be attending this meeting. ~Mary   

COE PRogram Change memo
Attachment: response
Attachment: response attachments


7)      Classrooms Need Attention?? -  message from Jon Jellema

Now that classes have begun, once again I turn to you for suggestions as to which classrooms need attention --updated a.v. equipment, paint, chairs, carpet, etc. 

Please ask your faculty to give you their assessments of the various classrooms they use.  Their comments need not be complicated:   "136 LSH needs new light bulbs" or "The desks in 201D DeVos are broken" work just fine.

IF their suggestions are received by noon September 19, their suggestions will go on a master list and be prioritized.  Then as many as are financially possible will be addressed during the academic year. 

I know this is already a busy time of year for you, so let me thank you in advance.

Jon Jellema, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Send all requests to Jann by Sept. 19th  Please do not to repeat these requests on Oct 15***.


8)      CLAS Important Dates


Important Dates








Sept. 17

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC

Sept. 18

Tenure/promotion dinner*

Alumni House

Sept. 19

CLAS Research Colloquium

2:30-5:00, 308 PAD

Sept. 24

New MAK Open House

9:30-11:30 a.m., MAK Interior Courtyard

Sept. 24

Stephen Greenblatt- Guest Lecturer-Fall Arts Celebration

"Cultural Mobility: The Strange Case of Shakespeare's Cardenio."

7:00 p.m., EC, 2nd Floor

Sept. 25

Out of the Box Discussions – sponsored by CLAS Faculty Council and CLAS Development Committee

Registration is now open

12:00-2:00, 2204 KC

Sept. 29

Nomination form for promotion/early tenure due

B-4-232 MAK

Oct. 1

Unit Head Meeting (continue discussion on time to graduation)

3:00-5:00, 2215/2216 KC

Oct. 1

Budget Requests for 2009-2010

Pat Haynes, B-4-232 MAK

Oct. 7

Art Gallery Exhibit, Fall Arts Celebration

5:00-7:00, Art Gallery, PAC

Oct. 10

Distinguished Alumni-In-Residence Luncheon*


Oct. 11


1030 a.m.-6:00 p.m Kirkhof Center locations

Oct. 13-15

NCA Accreditation

Open Forum Dates – see attachment

Oct. 15

Facilities Requests due (form on website)***

B-4-232 MAK

Oct. 22

Unit Head Meeting (What Counts As Scholarship?)

3:00-5:00, 2215/2216 KC

Oct. 23

Webinar – Faculty Collegiality: A Tourniquet for a Hemorrhaging Department

1:00-2:00 p.m., B-2-226 MAK

Oct. 24

Oct. 25

Dance Stars Across America, Fall Arts Celebration

8:00 p.m. Louis Armstrong Theatre

2:00 p.m. Louis Armstrong Theatre

Oct. 29

Poetry Night, Fall Arts Celebration

7:00 p.m. Eberhard Center

Oct. 31

CLAS Casual Costume Friday


Oct. 31

Out of the Box Discussions – sponsored by CLAS Faculty Council and CLAS Development Committee

Registration is now open

8:00-10:00, 2270 KC







* By invitation only

**Fall 2008 participating departments for A.I.R. event are:

School of Communications (COM)                 
Geography (GPY)                                               
Writing (WRT)                                                     
Biomedical Sciences (BMS)                                
Statistics (STA)                                                    
Mathematics (MTH)                                             
Art and Design (ART)                                          
Sociology (SOC)                                                  
History (HST)                                                       
Modern Languages and Literatures (MLL)           
Physics (PHY)                                                     



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