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Unit Head Mailing 9-14-10

1.          CLAS Student Advisory Committee --seeking nominations

2.          Personnel Policy Change

3.          Faculty Awards Table

4.          Majors’ Fair on Nov. 3

5.          CLAS Important Dates

1.    CLAS Student Advisory Committee (attachment)– seeking nominations – Fred

As I mentioned at the unit head meeting, I am seeking nominations to our CLAS Student Advisory Committee. Attached you will find a brief description of our committee. I am seeking two or three new members with representation from any of the following departments: AWRI, ANT, ART, CHM, COM, ENG, GEO, GPY, HST, MOV, MUS, PHI, SOC, STA, and/or WRT. Please email me the student’s name and a couple of sentences about why he/she would serve the college well.


2.    Personnel Policy Change-Gary Stark

The "Report of Unit Faculty Vote" form used in personnel actions has been revised because of the two recent changes in the personnel policy: faculty may now recuse themselves because of conflict of interest, and 1st and 2nd year faculty may not vote until they have successfully passed their first contract renewal. (However, 2nd year faculty this year are grandfathered in, and they may vote in 2010-11 personnel actions.) The revised form has been posted on the CLAS web page:


Please use this form for all personnel actions.



3.    Faculty Awards Table (attachment) - Gary

The faculty awards table has been updated to reflect the new submission guidelines for the Pew awards.


4.    Majors’ Fair on Nov. 3 (attachment)

Please share with your Unit Heads and encourage participation.


       5.  CLAS Important Dates   


Important Dates



Sept. 16

Tenure/Promotion Dinner*


Sept. 17

CLAS Research Colloquium

2:30-5:00/308 PAD

Sept. 22

Unit Head Meeting (3:00-5:00)

2215/2216 KC

Sept. 25

CLAS Alumni Board Meeting*


Sept. 29

Personnel Policy/Procedure Training

3:00-5:00/2263 KC

Sept. 30

 Nomination form for Winter 2011 promotion/early tenure due

B-4-232 MAK

Sept. 30

Jill Ker-Conway-Guest lecturer – Fall Arts Celebration

Eberhard Center, 2nd fl, Pew Campus

Sept. 30

Sabbatical Proposal Writing Forum

3:30-5:00, 308 PAD

Oct. 1

Faculty Award Nomination Packets

B-4-243 MAK

Oct. 1

Budget Requests Due

Pat Haynes

(electronic only)

Oct. 1

Out of the Box Workshop sponsored by CLAS Faculty Council

9:00-11:00, 2270 KC

Oct. 6

Unit Head Meeting (3:00-5:00)

2215/2216 KC

Oct. 8

Distinguished Alumni-In-Residence Luncheon*


Oct. 9

CLAS Mindgating (Experiencing Science)


Oct. 11

Midterm Exams begin


Oct. 11

Round 1 Schedule due to UH (tentative)


Oct. 15

CLAS Research Colloquium

2:30-5:00/308 PAD

Oct. 15

Sabbatical Proposals due to UH


Oct. 15

Space Request due


Oct. 18

Round 1 schedule due back to Dean’s office

kelloggp@gvsu.edu (hard copy and electronic)

Oct. 19

Mid-term grades due on Banner by noon


Oct. 20

Unit Head Meeting (3:00-5:00)

2215/2216 KC

Oct. 26

Inclusion Advocate Meeting (required)

2:00 - 4:00 pm, 119 CHS - Hager Auditorium

Oct. 28

Out of the Box Workshop sponsored by CLAS Faculty Council

11:30-1:00, 2266 KC

 *by invitation only


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