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Unit Head Mailing 8-5-08  

1)      Nomination Deadlines – Pew Teaching Excellence and Outstanding Teacher Awards

2)      Unit Head Retreat

3)      CLAS Important Dates



1)      Deadline for submission of Pew Teaching Excellence and Outstanding Teacher Awards - Message from Darren Walhof, Chair of CLAS Development Committee

The deadline for nominations for both the Pew Teaching Excellence awards and Outstanding Teacher award is September 15, soon after the semester starts. (An early deadline is necessary because nominations from the dean’s office are due to FTLC by October 15.) Please encourage the faculty members in your unit to begin the nomination process early. To nominate a colleague for either award, complete the nomination form, collect the appropriate materials, and submit these items to the CLAS dean's office by September 15.  

More information on the Pew Teaching Excellence Awards: www.gvsu.edu/ftlc/index.cfm?id=9B0B2F94-0AC0-2A06-37871B6F82682707

More information on the University Outstanding Teaching Award: www.gvsu.edu/ftlc/index.cfm?id=A29EFB89-ABF6-5434-BC9FA5B0DA89FB41


 2)      Unit Head Retreat will be held on August 19 at the Kennedy Hall of Engineering on the Pew Campus. Gary Stark will be emailing the agenda.


3)      CLAS Important Dates


Important Dates





Aug. 19

Unit Head Retreat

330 KEN – 9:00-4:00

Aug. 20

FTLC Teaching Conference

8:30 A.M. Atrium of Padnos Hall

Aug. 21

CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting

10:00 A.M. LAT followed by lunch

Aug. 22


11:00 A.M. Field House

Sept. 15

Award Submissions due to Dean’s Office

B-4-232 MAK



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