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Unit Head Mailing 8-25-09

1.    Human Subjects Review Committee

2.   Majors Fair

3.   Interfaith Dialogue 2009

4.   CLAS Important Dates      

1. Human Subjects Review Committee – message from Jann Joseph and Fred Antczak

The Chair of the Human Subjects Review Committee needs your support to ensure that GVSU is compliant with federal regulations.  Units whose faculty conduct research involving human subjects must have a policy.   Paul Reitemeier the chair of HRRC states that each GVSU unit that is involved in human subjects research needs to report its current or planned policies for (a) authorizing independent research activities, (b) the procedures for research data management & security and (c) procedures for compliance assurance. These can be accomplished by answering the attached form with eight (8) questions. (re: question #4:  a list of the six roles and responsibilities for faculty advisors or researchers engaged in human subjects research is attached for your convenience).   

We have attached the aforementioned form and list with this email. Paul also shared with us the Library's policy which is simple and straightforward and was developed by answering the questions provided.  We ask that units consider developing a similar document for distribution to current and future faculty and staff.  If faculty and staff of your unit do not conduct research involving human subjects please respond according so that HRRC and CLAS will have this information on file.   

Please submit your department's policy to Courtney Sherwood as an email attachment  by Oct 21.  We hope this time line will allow for a department discussion (where appropriate) and for us to review and submit our units' policies to the chair of HRRC by the Nov 2 deadline.  

Thank you,
Fred and Jann   

2. Majors Fair (November 4, 2009) – message from Sherril Soman
As in previous years, we are asking for your help in publicizing the Major's Fair.  Please send the attached memo to faculty and staff. The fair will be held November 4 in Kirkhof Center. 

In the past, you have helped us to attain participation from 99% of the Academic Departments.  We hope that you will continue to support the Fair by requiring participation.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Sherril Soman, Interim Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs   

3. Interfaith Dialogue 2009-Ocotber 15 - message from Doug Kindschi  
The major triennial Jewish/Christian/Muslim Dialogue is coming this October 15.  The same speakers from the successful 2006 Dialogue will be returning:  

      Rabbi Donniel Hartman from Jerusalem, 
      James Carroll from Boston, 
      Prof. Vincent Cornell from Emory University, and 
      Prof. Emeritus Martin Marty from the University of Chicago. 

The theme is "Religion and the Challenges of Modernity" 

The program will start with registration at 8:30 and first session at 10 a.m. and runs all day with an evening session open to the public without charge.  All sessions will be at the Eberhard Center on the Grand Rapids campus.  Registration and further information is available at the website: www.interfaith-mi.org   

Registration is $10 and meal options are also available.   

As in the past STUDENT REGISTRATION IS FREE.  Last Dialogue had over 50 students involved.  If you want your class or other students to attend, please send me their names and which sessions they plan to attend.  We had over 400 in attendance last time and we will need to have accurate counts.  

Attached is a pdf of the conference brochure.  We also have many copies of the printed brochure for distribution.  Let me know how many you need and I will see that you receive them.  

This promises to be another very stimulating dialogue and I hope to see you and a number of students involved.   

Doug Kindschi, University Professor 
nterim Director, Kaufman Interfaith Institute, GVSU


4. CLAS Important Dates

Important Dates



Aug. 25

Unit Head Retreat

Bicycle Factory


Aug. 26

FTLC Fall Teaching Conference, 8:30am – 3:00pm

Register at GVSU Training & Workshops

Aug. 27

CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting

10:30-12:00-Louis Armstrong Theatre, followed by lunch under the tent

Aug. 28

Convocation/University Picnic

11:30a.m.  Fieldhouse/followed by picnic @ Carillon Tower

Aug. 31

Fall Classes Begin


Sept. 14

Schedule Training Meeting

2215/2216 KC, 9:00 A.M.

Sept. 16

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC, 3:00-5:00

Sept. 17

Tenure/promotion dinner (by invitation)

Alumni House

Sept. 18

CLAS Research Colloquium

308 PAD, 2:30-5:00 P.M.

Sept. 22

Rashid Khalidi-Guest Lecturer-Falls Arts Celebration

EC, 2nd Floor, 7:00 P.M.

Sept. 30

Nomination form for promotion/tenure due

B-4-232 MAK

Oct. 1

Budget Requests due for 2010-2011

B-4-232 MAK, Pat Haynes

Oct. 1

Faculty Award Nomination Packets

B-4-232 MAK

Oct. 3

CLAS Alumni Board Meeting



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