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Unit Head Mailing 6-17-08


1)      Joe Godwin Letter-Pre-requisite Override Update

2)      NCA Request

3)      New Location for CLAS Dean’s Office

4)      Conference Rooms

5)      Important Dates




1)      Joe Godwin Letter -  Pre-requisite Override Update

2)      NCA has asked that the College show newsletters that our departments have produced (to alumni, your own students, etc.) since July 1, 2004.  By June 25, please send electronic copies by e-mail (or links if they are on your department website) to johnstmo@gvsu.edu.  If your newsletters are only available in hard copy, please post these to Monica Johnstone, CLAS College Office, B-4-232 MAK.

 3)      New Location for CLAS Dean’s Office

We are now in our new space in the MAK addition. We are located at B-4-232 MAK. You can still contact us at 331-2495. During the construction period this summer you will need to enter MAK at the southeast end by the Fresh Food Court. You need to travel north down the hall toward the MAK elevator and there is signage along the way. 

Philosophy department moved on June 9th as well to their new location. On June 16, the departments of Movement Science and Modern Languages and Literatures moved to MAK as well. Future moves include Geography, Chemistry, and Biomedical Sciences, Regional Math and Science Center, and the new CLAS Academic Advising Center.

New Addresses:

MLL – B-2-243 MAK

MOV – B-2-235 MAK

PHI – B-3-105 MAK

GPY – B-4-105 MAK (will move on June 30)


4)      Conference Room Update

The 308 PAD conference room can still be reserved through Keesha Walker (X1-2495).

The New MAK addition brings with it a couple of additional conference rooms with capacity of 18.  If you are in need of a room - contact Keesha for details.


5)      CLAS Important Dates


Important Dates





Aug. 19

Unit Head Retreat

TBA – 9:00-4:00

Aug. 20

FTLC Teaching Conference


Aug. 21

CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting

TBA – A.M. followed by lunch

Aug. 22


11:00 A.M. Field House


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