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Unit Head Mailing 5-4-10

1.      Opportunity to enhance faculty advising roles

2.      Summer Unit Head Mailings   

3.    CLAS Important Dates   


1.  Opportunity to enhance faculty advising roles:

NACADA Webinar: "The Role of Faculty Advisors in Student Success"


Thursday, May 13             1:45 PM-3:30 PM          Kirkhof Center   2215/2216


To register: Go to Faculty and Staff tab, Seminars and Workshops, Student Advising Webinars.


Fulfilling the Potential of Faculty Advising


At most institutions, faculty are expected to advise as part of their contractual obligation. Few if any, however, have been hired, much less been awarded tenure or promoted, because of their skill as advisors. And even at institutions which emphasize teaching and mentoring undergraduates, expectations for faculty, especially in conducting research and finding external support, have increased. Whether you're a faculty member, a professional advisor who works with faculty, or an advising administrator, this Webinar will give you practical ideas about enhancing and supporting the important work of advising done by faculty.


Mary C. Schutten, PED
Associate Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Professor of Movement Science


2.  Summer Unit Head Mailings

Reminder - during the spring/summer semester Unit Head mailings will be published as needed and not on a weekly basis.


3.      CLAS Important Dates      

Important Dates



May 4

Final Grades Due by Noon


May 5

Unit Head Meeting - CANCELED

2215/2216 KC, 3-5:00

May 5

Request for new positions


May 6

Traverse City Commencement


May 10

Classes begin first 6 and 12 weeks


May 14

President’s Honor Roll data due


May 31

Memorial Day Recess


June 21

Classes end first 6 weeks


June 22-23

Finals first 6 week classes


June 28

Grade due first 6 week classes at noon


June 28

Classes begin second 6 weeks


July 5

Independence Day Recess


July 19

Staffing Plans due \8:00 a.m.


Aug. 9

Classes End second 6 and 12 weeks


Aug. 10-11

Finals second 6 and 12 weeks


Aug. 16

Grades due second 6 and 12 weeks at noon


Aug. 18 & 19

New Faculty Orientation


Aug. 18

CLAS New Faculty Social

Alumni House

Aug. 24

Unit Head Retreat

Alumni House

Aug. 24

University Picnic-50th Celebration

Field House (P.M.)

Aug. 25

FTLC Conference


Aug. 26

CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting

TBA-followed by lunch

Aug. 27


Field House

Aug. 30

Fall 2010 Classes Begin



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