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Unit Head Mailing 5-28-08


1)      The CLAS Dean’s Office move has been postponed. We hope to be moved by mid-June. 

2)      Julie Guevara  - NCA Self Study and site visit

 3)      NCA Data Needs

 4)       Important Dates



1)      CLAS Dean’s office’s new address will be B-4-232 Mackinac Hall. The move date has changed but we will keep you posted.


2)      Julie Guevara – NCA Self Study and site visit

Julie would like to attend department faculty opening meetings to update faculty and staff on the NCA self study and site visit.  Contact Linda Stratton (X1-2181) to coordinate the date and time of these meetings prior to October 8.


3)      NCA Data Needs

A few days ago you should have received an e-mail from Monica that explained that we have received the most detailed list so far of materials to be provided to NCA in the Resource Room planned for their October visit.  The list is extensive and carries a challenging mid-June deadline, but we are attempting to do as much as possible in house in the College Office. 

I must, though, ask you for assistance on compiling a picture of service learning.  We've been asked to supply a list of sites, whether these examples are part of a course and, if so, course number and syllabus. 

Anything up to ten years ago is relevant, but sanity must reign.  Samples of syllabi in more recent classes will serve to illustrate.  Please don't trouble yourself to retrieve old course numbers--current ones will suit this purpose. 

And I must also ask you for examples of external community involvement --"evidence of what it is and how it is working".  Thank you for all the community board service that you have already supplied--that's a big part of the picture.  But we also need to hear about faculty (and even student clubs if that's relevant in your department) work that is improving our community.  Anything you have that speaks to how you assess this involvement is a big plus.  This need not be exhaustive but should be a great representation of the faculty's impact. 

Send this to Monica Johnstone at johnstmo@gvsu.eduReceipt by June 11 is greatly appreciated.


4)      CLAS Important Dates


Important Dates





June 11

NCA Data

Monica at johnstmo@gvsu.edu

Aug. 19

Unit Head Retreat

TBA – 9:00-4:00

Aug. 20

FTLC Teaching Conference


Aug. 21

CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting

TBA – A.M. followed by lunch

Aug. 22


11:00 A.M. Field House

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