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Unit Head Mailing 5-12-09   

1.            Agenda of Provost’s Meeting 5-6-09

2.            First Annual Prospectus and Final Plan Workshop-Kristine Mullendore

3.            Phone Conference Opportunity – Mary Schutten

4.            GVSU’s Delta Tickets –Help us use them – Mark Schaub, Padnos Int’l Center

5.             Reception and Silent Art Auction

6.             Provost’s request for external advisory board details

7.             CLAS Important Dates   

  1. Agenda of Provost’s Meeting (attachment)
  2. First Annual Prospectus and Final Plan Workshop – Kristine Mullendore, ECS/UAS chair 

Please join us for the First Annual Prospectus and Final Plan Workshop offered    on  Friday, May 22, 2009 in 2201 Kirkhof Center from Noon to 2:00pm.

This workshop is piloting a new method of submitting Prospecti and Final Plans for your program/college to attempt to remove  much of the uncertainty and frustration experienced in the creation of new majors or minors and/ reorganization or other major structural revisions to program relationships that require faculty governance review.  

The first hour will primarily be spent in a discussion of how to prepare and submit a prospectus that appropriately addresses the questions and/ concerns that will be reviewed by ECS, FSBC, UCC and the GC (when graduate education is involved) under our current process and explaining how the process in the Faculty Handbook operates, including when submissions should be made and how long the review process can take.  

The second hour is intended to discuss the development and review process for Final Plan Committees.

The Chairs of ECS, UCC and FSBC will be present along with the Senate Assistant.  Faculty members who are currently at the Final Plan status are encouraged to attend this first hour of the session to discuss and share their experience in obtaining approval to develop Final Plans with those persons intending to prepare Prospecti for submission during the 2009-2010 academic year.  It is hoped that a representative from each group will be able to attend. 

If you have specific questions that you would like this session to address, please contact Kristine Mullendore, ECS/UAS Chair (mullendk@gvsu.edu) or Lisa Surman Haight, Senate Assistant, (HaightL@gvsu.edu) with those suggestions.   

Any interested party is welcome to join the meeting  but to make sure there is enough room for all participants, please let Lisa know if you will attend by contacting her at HaightL@gvsu.edu or 331-2172. 


3.  Phone Conference Opportunity – Mary Schutten

The CLAS Dean's office is signed up to participate in a phone conference on the topic "How to Deal with Difficult Parents".

"Dealing with Difficult Parents: Helicopter Parents In Your School"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET


You are invited to attend at this located at MAK B4-243. Coffee and water will be provided. Attached below is a description of the session.


Handling Today's Parents: Strategy for Even the Most Difficult Situations

  * Understand what causes parent conflict- and how to stop it before it starts

  * Learn ways to identify and cope with what type of Helicopter Parents you


  * How to manage parents up front and provide them with need to know information

        When Helicopter Parents Land- Be Prepared

  * Learn Key Phrases you and your administration should use

  * How to integrate difficult parents into your school

  * How to manage parents face to face or on the phone


Positive Outlets for Over Involved Parents-Ways to Redirect that Energy

  * Ways to get parents involved without them overstepping boundaries

  * Proven techniques to improve parent-school relationships

  * Hear ways to create more opportunities for safe parent landings


Live question and answer session û Hear expert answers to all of your Helicopter Parent questions.


Dr. Douglas J. Fiore is recognized as a leading authority on parent-teacher relationships. He is a sought after speaker, workshop presenter and the author of several trade books and textbooks for educators.

  * In "Dealing With Difficult Parents: And With Parents in Difficult Situations", Doug Fiore and Todd Whitaker offer strategies and techniques that make it easier for educators to deal with difficult parents and with difficult situations.

  * He is a frequent presenter at state and national conferences, and he has delivered countless workshops to school districts, individual schools, and various educational groups.

  * Dr. Fiore brings humor and real-life practitioner examples to his presentations. He has been described as "energetic" "passionate", and "real."


Hosted by Progressive Business Publications, a leader in fast-read actionable advice on workplace issues, the audio conference gives you the opportunity to add immediate, impact to your anti-bullying efforts in a manner that is:


FAST - No wasted time here. Get right to the heart of the matter in a 1-hour block designed to easily fit into your busy schedule.



 4. GVSU’s Delta Tickets –Help us use them – Mark Schaub, Padnos Int’l Center

As a result of the cancellation of one of the Mexico-bound study abroad programs, GVSU currently holds air tickets-originally issued in students’ names-that can be used by GVSU staff and faculty for travel to other destinations served by Delta Airlines. We are seeking assistance from various colleges and units to use these tickets and recover most of their value.


Cost of original tickets: $877.58

Ticket/name change fee (prior to 12 June 2009):  $150

Ticket/name change fee (12 June 2009 or later): $300

Number of tickets owned: 10

Deadline for travel with tickets: 27 March 2010 (travel must be completed by this date)


Ideal uses for tickets:

1. Destinations conveniently served by Delta Airlines (www.delta.com). One student was told he cannot use it to book via Northwest Airlines, despite the ongoing merger of those two carriers.

2. Itineraries that exceed $650 in total cost (typically, multi-city itineraries, trips to the west coast, to smaller cities and/or trips outside the USA). The value, after change fee, is $727.58, and unused portion of that ticket value is lost.


If someone in your unit can use one of these tickets-especially if trip can be booked prior to 12 June 2009-please contact Gary Van Harn (vanharng@gvsu.edu, 1-3898) in the Padnos International Center.




5.  Reception and Silent Art Auction

You are invited to a reception and silent art auction featuring the works of GVSU Art and Design alumni at the Alexander Calder Fine Arts Center in Allendale.

Date: May 21, 2009
Time: 5:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Location: Calder Art Center
GVSU Allendale Campus

Enjoy entertainment, food, networking and a silent art auction. 


Cost is $20 per person. Please RSVP by May 13. Contact Kim Schmidt with questions or for more details.


Proceeds from the event will directly benefit current GVSU Art & Design students through the Branstrom Fine Arts Award and the Nedra J. Smith Otis Faculty Scholarship. A portion of the cost of artwork purchased is tax deductible. A receipt will be sent. 

6.    Provost’s request for external advisory board details

Provost Davis would like updated information about external advisory boards of colleges and departments.  Please send to Monica, by Friday, May 29, a spreadsheet with the names and current contact information for any advisory board to your department.  Thank you in advance.



7.    CLAS Important Dates

Important Dates



May 29

Send names and addresses of any alumni boards or external advisory boards


July 31

Send Teaching Liberal Education Pieces: additional content for CLAS Web site


Aug. 19

New Faculty Orientation


Aug. 19

CLAS New Faculty Social

Alumni House

Aug. 20

New Faculty Orientation

Pew Campus

Aug. 25

Unit Head Retreat


Aug. 26

FTLC Conference


Aug. 27

CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting

TBA-followed by lunch

Aug. 28

Convocation/University Picnic


Aug. 31

Fall Classes Begin




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