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Unit Head Mailing 4-6-10

1.  MyPath moved to Banner April 5

2.  Campus Sustainability Week 2010

3.  Final Exam Week

4.  NACADA Webinar, April 8

5.  Reminder – Documents created for part-time adjuncts

6.  GVSU ADA Language for Syllabus

7.  MyPath Update

8. CLAS Important Dates   


1.  MyPath moved to Banner April 5— message from Sue Korzinek


Folks,  please pass this on to others who might be testing in MyPath out of your departments...thanks. 


MyPath will be available Monday, 4/5, at 8am in the normal Banner SSB Production system.  Note that we have moved the MyPath option from under the Faculty/Advisor main menu to where the current Degree Evaluation in Banner is, which is off of the View Student Records Menu.  We did this because you will need to view current students in the old degree audit system until they are moved over and new students in MyPath.

Thus the options are under the Student menu and look like this:



Degree Evaluation (for students who entered prior to Fall 2010)


myPath (for students entering Fall 2010 and forward)


please let me know if you have questions....thanks!


Please send Jerry Montag any comments on the programs you have reviewed as soon as possible. We plan to present this to Freshmen Orientation participants starting in May.

Susan K. Korzinek
Director of Information Technology

2. Campus Sustainability Week 2010 (attachment)

Interested in getting involved in the 2010 Campus Sustainability Week? Lots of opportunities – see the attached document from the Sustainability Community Development Office.

3.  Final Exam Week-message from Mary Schutten

Dear Colleagues,

As the semester draws to a close I would like to send a reminder about the policy for final exams.  Please remind your faculty that all classes must meet for a culminating experience during final exam week, on the appropriate scheduled exam day and time. In the event that the course structure involves a take home final, the due date for submission of this exam should be the scheduled exam day and time.

Both the Provost and the Dean expect strict compliance with this policy, and unit heads will be held accountable for any faculty member that does not meet his or her classes. There are no exceptions to this policy. 

Thank you for supporting this policy by reminding your faculty and holding a final culminating experience.

A reminder to safeguard student work is also appropriate. While it seems efficient to place graded student work in the halls, this practice breaches confidentiality procedures. Please remind colleagues that all student work should be returned in a manner that ensures confidentiality and reduces the likelihood of student theft of the graded work of other students.


4. NACADA Webinar, April 8 (attachment) – message from Dean Antczak

National ACademic ADvising Association (NACADA) Webinar on April 8th offers a special opportunity for newer faculty, especially the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year faculty. The attachment has further details and registration information.

Please note that a follow-up discussion to this topic will take place on April 22nd, 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. in KC 2266.  Please sign up for the follow-up discussion in the same manner you signed up for the Webinar.


5. Reminder – Documents created for part-time adjuncts – message from Gary Stark

If you have not already done so, please send Assoc. Dean Stark any documents (handbooks, handouts, instructions, orientation materials, etc.) your unit has created for part-time adjuncts.


6. GVSU ADA Language for Syllabus– message from Kathleen VanderVeen

As you requested from the unit head meeting -here is example statement for syllabus:

If there is any student in this class who has special needs because of learning, physical or other disability, please contact me and Disability Support Services (DSS) at 616-331-2490.  Furthermore, if you have a physical disability and think you will need assistance evacuating this classroom and/or building in an emergency situation, please make me aware so GVSU can develop a plan to assist you.



7. MyPath Update – message from Chick Blue

You can access MyPath

 click on this link  www.gvsu.edu/facultystaff.htm
in quick links pick myBanner,
*then self service,
*then faculty and advisors,
*then view student records menu,
*then the last two options on this page describe which to use based on the student and his/her entrance year.


There are a number of departments who have yet to "okay" their programs, and that is what we will be working on between now and May 1.

CAUTION: this is in the production environment, meaning that these are real records of our students.




8. CLAS Important Dates      

Important Dates



April 7

CLAS Sabbatical Showcase and Spring Celebration

11:00-2:00 (2250 KC) Grand River Room

April 12

Awards Banquet


April 12

Projections for Year End Close due


April 14

Student Scholarship Day


April 21

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC, 3-5:00

April 24

Classes End


April 26-30

Finals Week


April 26

Banner Opens for Final Grading


April 30

Nomination form for promotion due (for Fall review)

B-4-232 MAK

May 1



May 4

Final Grades Due by Noon


May 5

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC, 3-5:00

May 5

Request for new positions


May 6

Traverse City Commencement



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