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Unit Head Mailing 4-20-10

1.    Ph.D. Committee work

2.    This and That from Mary Schutten

3.    Call for proposals: Teaching Sustainability and Teaching Sustainably  

4.    CLAS Important Dates   


1.    Ph.D. Committee work (attachment) – message from Dean Antczak

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences values the work of those serving our students’ education needs beyond GVSU.  If you are serving on a Ph.D. committee and your department is willing to support your endeavors, I will match department commitment up to $250. These funds will support the travel costs associated with service on this committee. This is a one-time commitment per doctoral committee. Please use the attached document to notify us of your assignment and outline the process for re-imbursement.


2. This and That from Mary Schutten


This 1: Continued thanks for providing feedback regarding MyPath programming. Please be sure to get the data for AY 2010-11 to Jerry Montag by the end of April. [Please continue to work on the preceding years, 2003-2010, so that this can be launched in August, 2010]

This 2: Please feel free to share the strategic plan alignment table with others in your department. Suggestions to improve the document should be directed to Mary Schutten schutmar@gvsu.edu by April 30.


That: CLAS has been asked by the Provost's Office to data gather the service learning, internship, field experience, and/or co-curricular efforts. Your faculty was sent a request from Associate Dean Schutten for this information. Please encourage your faculty to reply in a timely manner [Course #, # of students, # hours/student] so that your unit's good work is represented. This data is used by the Provost's Office to document the University's efforts in regard to high impact practices and apply for the President's Honor Roll.



~Mary C. Schutten, PED

3. Call for proposals: Teaching Sustainability and Teaching Sustainably (attachment)

Deadline for submission is July 31, 2010 to Kirsten Bartels. See the attachment for further details.


4. CLAS Important Dates      

Important Dates



April 21

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC, 3-5:00

April 24

Classes End


April 26-30

Finals Week


April 26

Banner Opens for Final Grading


April 30

Nomination form for promotion due (for Fall review)

B-4-232 MAK

May 1



May 4

Final Grades Due by Noon


May 5

Unit Head Meeting - CANCELED

2215/2216 KC, 3-5:00

May 5

Request for new positions


May 6

Traverse City Commencement


May 10

Classes begin first 6 and 12 weeks


May 14

President’s Honor Roll data due


May 31

Memorial Day Recess


June 21

Classes end first 6 weeks


June 22-23

Finals first 6 week classes


June 28

Grade due first 6 week classes at noon


June 28

Classes begin second 6 weeks


July 5

Independence Day Recess


July 19

Staffing Plans due 8 a.m.


Aug. 9

Classes End second 6 and 12 weeks


Aug. 10-11

Finals second 6 and 12 weeks


Aug. 16

Grades due second 6 and 12 weeks at noon


Aug. 18 & 19

New Faculty Orientation


Aug. 18

CLAS New Faculty Social

Alumni House

Aug. 24

Unit Head Retreat

Alumni House

Aug. 24

University Picnic-50th Celebration

Field House (P.M.)

Aug. 25

FTLC Conference


Aug. 26

CLAS Faculty and Staff Meeting

TBA-followed by lunch

Aug. 27


Field House

Aug. 30

Fall 2010 Classes Begin



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