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Unit Head Mailing 4-1-08


1)  Russell G. Mawby Fellowship in Philanthropic Studies

2)  Important Dates

1) The Dorothy A. Johnson Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership announces the Russell G. Mawby Fellowship in Philanthropic Studies.

This Fellowship provides the opportunity for one GVSU faculty member to mentor two undergraduate students on a research project addressing relevant issues related to philanthropic studies. The first year’s topic will focus on Philanthropy and the American Presidency.  As a result of this research, the Mawby Fellows will be required to produce an original, tangible product, such as a research paper, a creative work, or a thoughtful essay.

The Fellowship is expected to last one year, although in some exceptional cases it may be extended over two years. Faculty Fellows will receive a $5,000 stipend (or $2,500 over two years). Open to all GVSU faculty.  Applications are due Friday, May 30, 2008. See www.gvsu.edu/jcp  for application materials. Contact: Sara Winchester at winchesa@gvsu.edu or 616.331.7589.

 2) CLAS Important Dates


Important Dates





April 1

Affiliate Faculty Recommendations due

312 PAD or Kelloggp@gvsu.edu

April 4

Year End Equipment Requests due

Pat Haynes

April 7

University Awards Banquet

250 KC

April 9

Student Scholarship Day

Multiple Locations

April 11

AP/COT Evaluations process begins

submit to 312 PAD by May 1

April 16

Unit Head Meeting (3:00-5:00)

215/216 KC

April 18

Sabbatical Showcase & Spring Celebration (1:00-4:00)


April 21-25

Salary Conferences (tentative)


April 21-25

Final Exam Week


April 26


Van Andel Arena

April 29

Final Grades Due Online by NOON


April 30

Unit Head Meeting (3:00-5:00)

215/216 KC

May 12

Budget Projections 2007-08

Pat Haynes


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