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Unit Head Mailing 4-7-09   

  1. Reception for Catherine Frerichs
  2. Retirement Reception for Dave Tanis (CHM)
  3. “Next Steps”- Annual Request to CLAS Seniors
  4. Sabbatical Showcase and CLAS Meeting
  5. Call for Student Nominations for the CLAS Student Advisory Committee
  6. Ernesto Cardenal (Poet) Visiting Campus, April 9th
  7. CLAS Important Dates   

1.    Reception for Catherine Frerichs (attachment)

Please celebrate Catherine’s many accomplishments and service to Grand Valley State by attending her reception. See the attached flyer for details.

2.    Retirement Reception for Dave Tanis (CHM) (attachment)

Please join the campus community as they recognize Dave Tanis for his commitment to GVSU. See the attached flyer for details.

3. “Next Steps” - Annual Request to CLAS Seniors – Monica Johnstone

This week I'll send out our annual request to CLAS seniors for their next steps in life to be included on our website (the 2008 group can be viewed here ).  News & Information and Alumni Relations often identify some wonderful good news stories from the results. For some departments, this has proved a useful way to learn which graduate school was chosen or job landed.  As in the two previous years, I will personally answer each reply.  I intend to let the seniors know about our GVSU CLAS Alumni Facebook page in the hope that we can beef up the participation there (you can join that page, by the way).

 We get a reasonably good return without additional prompting, but I'd be interested to see if a nudge in capstone courses or other course with many seniors would increase the number of replies we get.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.



4.    Sabbatical Showcase and CLAS Meeting– Fred

Together, the excellent presenters and wonderful turnout of interested attendees made the CLAS Sabbatical Showcase and College Meeting held on April 1 a huge success this year. Special thanks to those faculty who showed off their sabbatical work, and to all the faculty and staff who supported them by attending. I encourage you to visit the CLAS website where you will find the full program of those faculty who presented their work along with the CLAS Service Award recipients, great pictures, and my year end remarks, "We are a Ship, not a Clown Car: Clashing Metaphors for Higher Education in Economic Turbulence."



5.    Call for Student Nominations for the CLAS Student Advisory Committee

The graduating students from our CLAS Student Advisory Committee represent the departments of Writing, School of Communications, Modern Languages and Literatures, International Relations, Chemistry, Philosophy, History, Geology, Physics, and Math. Representatives from the departments of Political Sciences, Geology, Biomedical Sciences, School of Communications, Classics, and Modern Languages will retain their current positions. We are seeking nominations for the 2009-2010 roster and all units are welcome to submit nominations.  CSAC members are often consulted by committees and included in task forces of the College.  They also get more visibility; this year's Niemeyer Award winner, Paige Lampen of Physics, Math and the Honors College, was a member. The Advisory committee meets three times each semester. Send your nominations along with their contact information to Cindy Laug (laugc@gvsu.edu).


6.    Ernesto Cardenal will be visiting campus on April 9th



4-5.30 pm



by Ernesto Cardenal (Bilingual)

Cook DeWitt Center

Grand Valley State University


Cardenal, a Catholic priest and poet born in 1925 in Granada, Nicaragua, served as that country's first culture minister from 1979-1987. He founded a Christian community on the Soletiname Islands, worked with the Sandinista National Liberation Front to overthrow Anastasio Somoza Debayle's regime, and then joined the Sandinist Renovation Movement prior to the 2006 Nicaraguan General Elections.

Ernesto Cardenal received the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade in 1980 and was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2005. He is one the most important Latin American Poets alive. More information: moretz@gvsu.edu


Dr. Zulema Moret
Assistant Professor Spanish
Modern Lang. and Lit. Dept.
Tel.: 616-331-2286

7.    CLAS Important Dates

Important Dates



April 8

Student Scholarship Day


April 8

Unit Head Meeting

(3:00-5:00) Alumni House

April 9

The Scholar’s Life: Pursuing Scholarship Amidst the Demands of Teaching and Service  (attachment)

3:30-4:45, (2266 KC)

April 13

Projections for Year End Close due


April 17

Year End Equipment Allocations by Dean


April 20

Banner Opens for grading


April 20-24

UH informs faculty of salary categories


April 22

Unit Head Meeting

(3:00-5:00) 2215/2216 KC

April 25



April 28

Final Grades are due at noon


April 28

Blackboard goes down 2 P.M. for conversion: http://www.gvsu.edu/seminar  for workshops information


April 30

All AP and COT evaluations due

Dean’s office

May 1

Blackboard goes live


May 4

Requests for TT Faculty and Affiliate Positions (2010-2011)



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