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Unit Head Mailing 3-29-11

  1. Special Thanks to our CLAS Unit Head/Directors
  2. Art Courses Open to All Students, regardless of major: Fall 2010
  3. Request for Faculty to provide high impact data items for the President's Honor Roll Application
  4. Important Dates

1.  Special Thanks to our CLAS Unit Head/Directors

Here's evidence of the quality and contributions of our unit heads: I was so glad to receive positive feedback from Faculty Council about the active help and gentle courtesy of the unit heads in recruiting nominations for governance committees, That not only makes our process more robust with choices.  It's an example of how shared governance is working in CLAS at the department and unit level.  This is a good news story from every angle, and the kudos go to our great cadre of unit heads.



2. Art Courses Open to All Students, regardless of major: Fall 2010 (attachments:  Ceramics, Drawing)- Jinny Jenkins

The Department of Art and Design is offering two studio art courses for the Fall 2010 semester that are open for all students, regardless of major.  No permits or overrides are needed!  Please help to spread the news about these classes and encourage your students to register for them!

1. Art 380-03, Selected Experiences in Studio Art: Drawing, 3 credits, TR, 2:00 - 4:50 pm, CAC 1704, CRN 19500.  Instructor: Virginia (Jinny) Jenkins, jenkinsv@gvsu.edu,616-331-3846


2. Art 380-02, Selected Experiences in Studio Art: Ceramics, 3 credits, F,112:00 am - 5:15 pm, CAC 1422, CRN 10920.  Instructor: TBA, leeho@gvsu.edu,616-331-3846


3. Request for Faculty to provide high impact data items for the President's Honor Roll Application (see attachments):

The Provost's Office has stated, "We are gathering information to submit the GVSU 2011 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll Application.  As you know, GVSU has been awarded this special honor since 2008 and we seek to again attain this honor in 2011."  

Chante' Liggins, a Peace Corp volunteer and CLAS alumna recently wrote: People always say, “Education is the key to success,” but I’ve always been taught that it’s what you do with it that truly matters. http://gvsu.edu/clas/module-news-view.htm?newsId=0F121B69-A1F5-9ECB-C5B6D3A184084B44

Please encourage your faculty to return the reporting form (attached) so that we can share the many activities that engage our students throughout their GVSU experience. We ask that the form be saved with faculty last name and unit so that we can use this data for a variety of reports as well as use it for next year's reporting request.

A sample form and more information is also included (attached). FYI:

  • Time frame: SP/SU 10 through Winter 2011
  • Activities to be reported in classes: internships, service learning, writing intensive, capstone, group work/collaborative projects, research, diversity/global learning, learning communities
  • Co-curricular activities: the above list of activities that occur that are not part of a class (e.g. S3 grants, alternate spring breaks, community events)

Thank you for your support of our students.


4. CLAS Important Dates


  Important Dates



Mar. 30

CANCELLED: Unit Head Meeting


Mar. 30

Elections – CLAS Governance voting ends


Mar. 30

50th at Noon

Cook DeWitt Center, 12:00-12:45

Mar. 31

Graduate Showcase 2011

Hager Auditorium in CHS, 4:30-7:30

Mar. 31

Year End Equipment Requests Due

Pat Haynes (haynesp@gvsu.edu)

Mar. 31

Draft S/S contracts to UH


April 1

Catalog Copy Changes due

Jerry Montag (montagj@gvsu.edu)

April 1

Faculty members interested in applying for Fulbright grants are encouraged to attend a presentation

3 p.m. at the DeVos Center, University Club room. A reception will follow at 4:15 p.m.

April 4

Draft S/S contracts due back

B-4-232 MAK

      April 6

CLAS Sabbatical Showcase and Spring Celebration

Grand River Room, KC

11:00-2:00 p.m.

April 10

President’s Honor Roll Data due

Mary Schutten (schutmar@gvsu.edu)

April 13

Student Scholars Day


April 18

Salary Conferences begin (tentative)


April 20

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

April 25

Banner Opens for Final Grading


April 25

Final Exam Week


April 30



May 3

Final Grades due by noon


May 4

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC, 3:00-5:00 p.m.

May 5

Traverse City Commencement



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