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Unit Head Mailing 3-25-08


1) APSC Recommendations from Rob Franciosi

2) New Sabbatical Showcase Feature – We need your photos

3) Shred Fest Dates – May 7 and 8, 2008

4) Important Dates


1) APSC Recommendations from Rob Franciosi (official memo attached)

At its November 2, 2007, meeting the University Academic Senate voted to approve the attached recommendations regarding Repeating of Courses, Grades of Record, and Registering for Two Sections of the Same Course. 

Although the repeating of courses may not be a widespread problem, its impact on some units, particularly in the sciences, has indeed been significant.  These changes, then, are meant to address those challenges. UAS understands that this policy change, finally, is not as significant as creating a mechanism by which affected students must consult with their academic advisors and, in cases hen the course is in another unit, representatives of that unit.

2) New Sabbatical Showcase Feature – We need your photos

We’re adding a new feature to this year’s Sabbatical Showcase and Year End Celebration.  Make sure your department’s year is represented by sending in up to 5 of your best photos from the 2007-2008 academic year.  Departmental events, students at work on their research, field trips, conferences or amazing individual moments would make great contributions.  Please send your photos on CD (high def is fine) to Monica Johnstone, in 107 LSH no later than April 2 at noon.

3) Shred Fest Dates

The Shred Fest Dates have been set for May 7 and 8. We have contacted the departments who helped us out last fall, and they are all willing to assist again. Please notify the faculty and staff of the opportunity to dispose of confidential materials. We are hoping the timing will be right for disposing of both semester materials and getting ready for the summer shuffles. Further details of exact locations will be forthcoming.

 4) CLAS Important Dates


Important Dates





Mar. 26

Unit Head Meeting  Cancelled


Mar. 26

Draft S08 contracts to UH


Mar. 28

Draft S08 contracts due to Dean’s Office

312 PAD

Mar. 29

MI Regional Science Olympiad


April 1

Affiliate Faculty Recommendations due

312 PAD or Kelloggp@gvsu.edu

April 4

Year End Equipment Requests due

Pat Haynes

April 7

University Awards Banquet

250 KC

April 9

Student Scholarship Day


April 11

AP/COT Evaluations due to Dean

312 PAD

April 16

Unit Head Meeting (3:00-5:00)

215/216 KC

April 18

Sabbatical Showcase (1:00-4:00)


April 21-25

Salary Conferences (tentative)


April 21-25

Final Exam Week


April 26


Van Andel Arena

April 29

Final Grades Due Online


April 30

Unit Head Meeting (3:00-5:00)

215/216 KC

May 7 + 8

Shred Fest


May 12

Budget Projections 2007-08

Pat Haynes


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