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Unit Head Mailing 3-17-09   

1.          Affiliate Workloads – Dean Antczak

2.          Distinguished Alumni-In-Residence Information –Associate Dean Joseph

3.          Graduate Assistants for spring/summer semesters

4.          General Education Subcommittee Request

5.          Inactive Courses in Catalog

6.          CLAS Important Dates   

1.          Affiliate Workloads – Dean Antczak

Given the austere economic and budgetary outlook, there have been understandable concerns about the situation and resources of the University.  I can report that not a single search has been closed for economic reasons, and the University is bearing up surprisingly well under its fiscal stresses.  Still it seems only realistic that we should not expect much in the way of additional resources or positions in the short term, given that we probably not receive even the same state allotment as last year.  We have the obligation to our students to make sure we are using our current resources as efficiently as possible.

The work of our tenure track faculty is not a place we want to look for further efficiencies. With 9 hours (or in some cases we still are working on, more) of teaching per semester as well as service and scholarship, regular faculty workloads are already fully committed.  Affiliate faculty, however, can be more fully utilized. This is an appropriate place to look since their assignment is fundamentally different.  Their only responsibility is teaching; affiliates have no other scholarly or service obligations, and have their summers free for other pursuits, or other employment.  Compared to visiting faculty, they receive better benefits and have greater job security. 

The administrative manual specifies that affiliates are to teach a minimum of 12 credit hours a semester and a maximum of 18 hours. Although some affiliates in CLAS are teaching 15 or 18 hours, many are still being scheduled to teach the minimum.  In view of budgetary expences I ask, when staffing your courses for  next year, that you schedule all affiliates for at least 15 or 16 credit hours per semester.



Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence event will be held Thursday and Friday, October 15 and 16, 2009. The College will host a luncheon from 11:00 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. in the Alumni House. Please email Keesha Hardiman (hardimak@gvsu.edu) the departmental contact for the event by April 24, 2009.


The following departments are invited to participate in this year's Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence Celebration:


1. Anthropology (ANT)

2. Music (MUS)

3. Philosophy (PHI)

4. Political Science (PLS)

5. Chemistry (CHM)

6. Psychology (PSY)

7. Biology (BIO)

8. Geology (GEO)

9. English (ENG)      

10. Classics (CLA)

11. Movement Science (MOV)

12. Art & Design (ART)


3. Graduate Assistants for spring/summer semesters

I'm sending this message to the AP and clerical staff members who usually process GA appointments for your departments/colleges. If you're not the correct person to receive this, please pass it on to the person who is. Thanks!


If your department is planning to hire graduate assistants for the spring/summer semester, please be aware that the deadline for the appointment forms to arrive in the Grad Studies office is March 25th.


This is for existing positions. The Grad Studies office is not offering funding for any of these positions or new ones for SS '09.  Departments must have their own funding and must have previously submitted a GA position description.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Here is the link to the appointment form:




 Irene L. Fountain
Office of Graduate Studies & Grants Administration
Phone:  616-331-7123
Fax:  616-331-7317


4. General Education Subcommittee Request (Attachment)

Please distribute the attached flyer on two open forums sponsored by the General Education Subcommittee of the University Curriculum Committee to your colleagues.  


The General Education Subcommittee (GES) wants to align the goals of GVSUs General Education curriculum with the essential learning outcomes for a liberal education identified by the Liberal Education & Americas Promise (LEAP) initiative of the National Leadership Council.


GVSUs General Education program currently has two categories of goals: Knowledge Goals and Skills Goals. In essence, the proposed revision creates a third category of goals, called the Personal and Social Responsibility Goals, and moves one of our existing knowledge goals into that new category along with two of the LEAP goals, one focused on civic engagement and the other on collaborative learning.


Before making the proposal official, the GES seeks your input. Please join us at an open forum from 3-5 pm, either in Grand Rapids on March 30 in 223E DEV or in Allendale on March 31 in 2250KC, to discuss the details.


We hope to see you on March 30 or March 31.


General Education Subcommittee


5. Inactive Courses in Catalog

If you received a listing of "dusty courses" needing review about removal from the Catalog, please remember to review them and respond to Registrar Jerry Montag by March 27.


6.          CLAS Important Dates


Important Dates



Mar. 18

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC

Mar. 19

CLAS Research Colloquium

308 PAD, 2:30-5:00

Mar. 21

MI Regional Science Olympiad

Allendale Campus

Mar. 26

Draft S09 contracts to UH


Mar. 27

Draft S09 contracts due to College office


April 1

Affiliate faculty recommendations due


April 1

CLAS Sabbatical Showcase and Spring Celebration

11-:00-2:00 (2204 KC) Pere Marquette Room

April 3

Year End Equipment Requests due


April 6

Awards Banquet


April 8

Student Scholarship Day


April 8

Unit Head Meeting

(3:00-5:00)Alumni House

April 13

Projections for Year End Close due


April 17

Year End Allocations by dean





2. Distinguished Alumni-In-Residence Information – Associate Dean Joseph

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