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Unit Head Mailing 3-16-10

  1. Grant Writing Training Opportunity on April 7    
  2. MyPath Training   
  3. Talk at GVSU's Allendale Campus on the impact of war on children, Friday, 4/19 
  4. Catalog Revision Reminder  
  5. CLAS Important Dates   



1.    Grant Writing Training Opportunity on April 7 (attachment) – message from Grants Development & Administration

The Office of Grants Development & Administration would like to share with you a grant writing training opportunity.


As you can see from the attached flyer, Scott Grissom is returning to Grand Valley to conduct a workshop on how to write competitive NSF proposals on April 7. There is no cost to participate.


Feel free to contact Chris Chamberlain ( or Shirley Dilworth (331-6826) if you have questions. 


Grants Development & Administration

Grand Valley State University


2.    MyPath Training – message from Mary Schutten

Dear Colleagues,

As you return from spring break, please note that the final training session for beta testing MyPath software is Monday, March 15. A project like this that is intended to help students and advisors is only successful when the programming accurately reflects the many majors and minors found within our college (about 1900 programs in this college). We thank you for all of the information that has been forwarded to the registrar to date and request that those who have not yet done so , please submit your information related to your 2010-2011programs soon.

Please note the registrar is very grateful for the information to date but is in need of all this information very soon:

Review of the 2010-2011 programs is needed by April 1, 2010.

Ultimately, all eight catalog year reviews for each major/minor are also needed, the sooner the better.

Send all information to Jerry Montag.



3.    Talk at GVSU's Allendale Campus on the impact of war on children, Friday, 4/19 (attachment)


Dear colleagues:


Attached please find a poster advertising two talks to be given this week at Calvin College and at GVSU respectively by Dr. Izzeldin Abuealish.


Dr. Abuealish, a specialist in fetal medicine who is currently teaching at the University of Toronto, will speak about the impact of war and other forms of conflict on the children of Gaza, a subject he knows intimately both as a medical practitioner and as a father who lost three daughters in last year's attack on the Strip.


Should you need more information about Dr. Abuelaish, I'd be happy to pass along an article on him that appeared in a Toronto newspaper, as well as his CV. In any event, I cordially invite you and your students to attend Friday's 11:00 a.m. talk in 103 Loutit Hall in the Henry Building on the Allendale campus. (Dr. Abuelaish will also be speaking at Calvin College on the previous evening at 7:00. See the attached poster for details.)


Many thanks,


David Alvarez

Associate Professor of English

Grand Valley State University


4.    Catalog Revision Reminder – message from Provost Office

This is just a reminder that catalog copy updates are due in the Registrar's office on Friday, April 2nd.  We have already received several updates, so thank you if you have already submitted your updates.

~Provost Office


5.    CLAS Important Dates      

Important Dates



Mar. 1st-17th

Nominations ballot for CLAS Governance


Mar. 15

Unit Head Salary recommendation summaries due*

Mar. 16

CLAS Service Awards Materials Due (see Awards)

Mar. 17

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC

Mar. 17

Year End Equipment Request Memos sent to UH


Mar. 17

Nominations ballot for CLAS Governance closes


Mar. 18

CLAS Research Colloquium

308 PAD, 2:30-5:00

Mar. 19

Faculty Forum to discuss the ballot proposals

2263 KC/10:30-12:00

Mar. 24

Draft S10 contracts to Unit Heads


Mar. 24

Grants on the Grand  

Mar. 26-Apr.1

CLAS Governance elections


Mar. 26

Draft S10 contracts due to College office


Mar. 27

Regional Science Olympiad

Allendale Campus

Mar. 31

Unit Head Meeting

2215/2216 KC

Mar. 31

Year End Equipment requests due

April 1

Affiliate faculty recommendations due

April 1

CPC recommendations for W10 personnel activity due


April 2

Catalog Copy Changes deadline


April 7

CLAS Sabbatical Showcase and Spring Celebration

11-:00-2:00 (2250 KC) Grand River Room

April 12

Awards Banquet


April 14

Student Scholarship Day


  *Vitas, FARs, and workload plans should be submitted on a CD to the Dean’s office.



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