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Unit Head Mailing 2-5-08

 1) Associate Dean of Graduate Studies


3) Reminder about FAR’s and Workload Plans

4) Banner Grade Deadlines

5) 18th annual Equity in the Classroom Conference

6) CLAS Important Dates


1) Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (see attached)



The new Web site, MIchiganHERC.Org opens with more than 1,200 job postings at 24 Michigan colleges and universities, though that number is expected to increase. As Michigan has lost manufacturing jobs, the number of jobs connected to the education and healthcare sectors and the many supporting roles that accompany them has continued to grow. 

Full article: http://www.mitechnews.com/articles.asp?id=8224&sec=102


3) Reminder about Electronic version of Faculty Activity Reports.

In the December Unit Head mailing, we asked you to please note an important change: Instead of units forwarding hard copies of FARs, faculty vitas, and workload plans to the Dean’s Office in March, as in past years, this year the Dean’s Office wants only electronic versions of these documents.  Each department should submit one CD with all FARs for tenured/tenure track faculty members.  One CD with all workload plans. Please submit these CD’s to the Dean’s Office (312 PAD) by March 14 along with the Unit Head summary of the salary evaluation for each faculty member.

All vitas are due to us on CD at the end of W08 semester as previously arranged.


4) Banner Grade Deadlines

These are the final deadline dates that grades are due to be assigned online in Banner, as provided by Sharon Hall in the Records Office:

Winter Midterms:  Feb 26th, by Noon

Winter Finals:  April 29th, by Noon

Sp/Sum 1st 6 weeks:  June 23rd, by Noon

Sp/Sum 2nd 6 weeks:  August 11th, by Noon

Please note, it is too early to pinpoint the dates when Banner will be open for grading - that info will come later.  These are simply the deadline dates.


5) 18th Annual Equity in the Classroom Conference – Oliver Wilson

I am extending this invitation to you and/or your staff members to attend the:

18th annual Equity in the Classroom Conference
Ferris State University
Big, Rapids, MI
March 30 - April 1, 2008

Inclusion, Leadership and the Classroom: "Making the Connection" is this year's theme. The conference focuses on achieving parity in enrollment, retention and graduation for academically and economically disadvantaged students. Conference organizers are encouraging all faculty, student affairs practitioners, deans, department chairs, directors, vice presidents and presidents who are willing to implement new ideas and strategies in campus programming, curriculum and pedagogy development and student retention to attend. In addition, conference attendants will have the opportunity to build networking relationships, share successful programs and foster collaboration.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs is a co-sponsor of this conference. Therefore, the conference registration fee has been waived for up to fifteen representatives (first come first served basis) from Grand Valley. Please share the attached information with your faculty/staff and encourage their attendance.

Coreen Pelton is the conference registration coordinator for GVSU. All completed conference registration forms need to be sent to her by March 14, 2008. If interested in attending or if you need further information, please contact Coreen at peltonc@gvsu.edu or 331.2177.

Oliver Wilson, Ph.D.
Dean, Office of Multicultural Affairs


6) CLAS Important Dates


Important Dates





Feb. 4

Salary Evaluation Process Starts


Feb. 6

UH Meeting

215/216 KC

Feb. 7

Faculty Awards Convocation

4 p.m. Cook-DeWitt Center

Feb. 9

Awards of Distinction Student Scholarship Competition


Feb. 11

W08 materials contract renewal

Due to CPC

Feb. 11

Nominations for Glenn A. Niemeyer Awards

Due to Maria Cimitile (107 LSH)

Feb. 15

Facilities Request Due


Feb. 15

Liberal Education Academy Applications



Feb. 16

Awards of Distinction Student Scholarship Competition


Feb. 18

“You’re a-Maize-ing Future: Graduate Study at the University of Michigan”.

GRR-KC, 4:00-6:00 p.m.

Feb. 20

UH Meeting

204 KC

Feb. 21

CLAS Research Colloquium

308 PAD

Feb. 25

W08 materials tenure/promotion

Due to CPC

Feb. 26

Mid-term Grades Due


Feb. 27

New Faculty Seminar-Advising

308 PAD

Mar. 14

Faculty FAR’s –each dept. should submit one CD containing electronic version.

312 PAD


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